Energy Broker Demonstrates How Businesses Could Reduce Costs in 2016

Independent energy broker Business Juice is encouraging UK businesses to review their energy supply and see what they could save in 2016. Cutting costs improves profits and simply changing to a better contract can be a lot easier than expected to reap a reward.

Businesses can improve their profitability in two ways – increasing sales and reducing costs. While the majority of effort tends to go into building sales figures, energy broker Business Juice says that many companies in the UK could make a major reduction on their business costs by reviewing their energy contract. By reducing the price paid for electricity and gas, companies can take advantage of a saving which goes directly to the bottom line in additional profits.

Business Juice explains:
“The average company can save 23% on their energy costs simply by switching to a more suitable contract. Whatever the size of business, this is a sizeable amount. An SME could save £1,000 or more, while for large industrial companies or multi-site organisations, savings can run into tens of thousands.”
This month, Business Juice is encouraging companies to take just 15 minutes to review their energy supplier and see what they can save.

“There’s a general assumption that all contracts are pretty much the same, yet this is far from the case. Clients are often surprised to see just how considerable savings on energy can be. Figures have shown that over 40% of businesses haven’t changed their energy supplier in 5 years or more, which means that there is a great untapped opportunity to make significant savings.”

The thought of reviewing energy contracts is often perceived as complicated or long-winded. The market is complex and it can take a long time to get quotes from different suppliers and compare contracts – a process which can take hours – and if a decision isn’t made quickly enough, terms or offers will have changed.

Business Juice’s service is designed to make it as easy as possible for a company to get the best possible prices for electricity and/or gas supply. Their team of energy experts will take the key details and then liaise on a company’s behalf to get quotes from around 30 suppliers, including the big 6 and a range of smaller independent companies.

The company explains:
“It is true that the business energy market is even more complicated than domestic supply, but our service takes on all the hard work, so a client shouldn’t need to take more than 15 minutes to provide all the necessary information we need to find them a better deal.”

“Price is obviously an important factor and we work hard to negotiate the best costs for gas and electricity supply based on a company’s consumption. However, we also work alongside our clients to fully understand the needs of their business, so that we can take account of other factors too, such as payment terms, contract length and whether a fixed or flexible contract would be more to their advantage.”

“Once we have all the necessary information from a client, we can then work quickly on their behalf. We usually get back to them with a range of options together with our recommendation on the same day.”
“Should they choose to switch, with a quick authorisation process we will arrange all the administrative requirements for a smooth transition, enabling them to take advantage of new terms and make savings as soon as possible.”

Business Juice’s team of Energy Experts offer a free quotation service for businesses of all sizes and from all industries; from the smallest work-from-home start-ups and SMEs to major FTSE companies with multiple site energy usage. Over 200,000 UK businesses have used our energy switching services for reviewing energy contracts since 2009 with a service which costs the client nothing at all and has saved well over £100 million in energy bills for British companies.

For any company choosing to switch supplier, Business Juice’s team are available to help and assist in the process, providing all the necessary paperwork from letters of authority to termination letters so that the switch is handled as efficiently as possible.

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