Endangered Empire - Saving Endangered Species Through NFT’s

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An international organization and the first of its kind on the Cardano blockchain aimed to protect and restore nature’s most endangered and vulnerable species.

The Endangered Empire team is releasing an on-going series of NFT’s targeting one endangered or vulnerable species per series. Over the span of the project, they aim to donate millions of dollars to wildlife and green organizations focused on protecting and rebuilding the targeted species’ habitats. Each series will feature a new species voted on by their community. Founded by Christian Nelson (Chino), a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering and a crypto enthusiast, who aims to use the abundance of NFTs to rescue, restore, and rebuild nature and strengthen its benefits to mankind.

“Endangered Empire houses a goal of empathy and kindness. Sure, there are other NFT collectible projects out there, but we wanted this project to make a greater impact in the world than just collectibles.”

The first release in their series is the Angry Orcas which features the Orcinus Orca, also known as the Killer Whale. Angry Orcas are an NFT collection on the Cardano blockchain made up of 9,999 randomly generated NFT’s with 150+ hand-drawn elements carefully chosen to maximize the appeal of any NFT collector. These elements include a variety of skins, facial expressions, clothes, jewelry, hats, eye accessories and more.

Release Date: January 15th, 2022
Release Price: 35 ADA
Release Time: 730PM ET

“We have two equally important goals in mind. One being to raise awareness for and eliminate the decline of these species. The second is to give our community one of the most appealing NFT’s in the space, while rewarding collectors and the community.” The Endangered Empire team is passionate in their vision and are community-driven. They are equally focused on giving back to their community just as much as they are to endangered species. They aim to build a community structured by community involvement, giveaways, on-going community rewards, and expansion by celebrity endorsement and brand collaborations.

Cardano is known as the “green blockchain” solely because of its minimal use of energy consumption. Cardano is highly sustainable and environment-friendly, which perfectly fits the mission and goals of their project. Also, with the highly anticipated release of Cardano’s smart contracts, the Endangered Empire team saw an opportunity. “The CNFT space is so new that people don’t really know CNFT’s exist yet. That gives our community a first-mover advantage. We want to be the pioneers for philanthropic NFT collections.” Another factor that played into their decision was Cardano offers extremely low gas fees making all transactions affordable for everyone. Endangered Empire hopes their project brings people into the Cardano blockchain and sees a future in which the project will grow based on its art, vision, mission and being an early adapter in the CNFT space.

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Contact Info:
Name: Christian Nelson
Email: Send Email
Organization: Endangered Empire
Phone: (786) 413-5055
Website: http://www.endangeredempirenft.io

Release ID: 89058909

Name: Christian Nelson
Email: Send Email
Organization: Endangered Empire