Empowerment Coach Mimi Bland Becomes a #1 International Bestselling Author with her new book titled “The Answer Is You”

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Mimi Bland, a successful mindset and empowerment coach, has just become a #1 International Bestselling Author with her new book, “The Answer is You”.

The book presents a powerful insight and the formula to master one’s mind and emotions.
The bestseller is now available for purchase on Amazon and is a treatise of sorts on self-transformation.

The message Mimi conveys to her readers is simple and clear, that mindset is responsible for one’s emotional state and that every individual possesses the potential of empowerment to create change for a better life.

>> You can grab a copy of her book here <<

Mental stress, negativity, depression, low self-esteem, and lack of confidence isn’t always an immediate product of one’s work or lifestyle.

Acknowledging the fact that negative circumstances do impact one’s mental state, it is more often than not, continuous early life trauma, abusive relationships, and childhood insecurities that filter into the subconscious mindset of adult life that holds us back from believing in our self to reach our true potential and feeling totally fulfilled.

Mimi Bland herself was a victim for emotional abuse but was resilient enough to do some serious stock-taking of her condition that left her feeling unworthy, unloved, unfulfilled and a self-nonbeliever.

After much research, investigation, training and intense further education, along with a 25-year journey of helping others and getting in touch with her own higher self, she now has a full and thorough understanding of the mind-body connection.

Mimi has gained incredible insight into how the mastery of thought and emotion can change one’s mindset. She learned how such insight empowers an individual towards self-appreciation creating a new person which in turn starts to attract betterment and bring change to one’s life experiences.
It is this power of the mind and emotion that aids self-transformation! That is the very essence of her book, ‘The Answer Is You’.

“Absolutely amazing! I’m so very grateful to everyone that has supported me and bought my book and I hope that by ingesting the information on its pages people will truly start to see that change and betterment is possible no matter how low or unfulfilled you feel in your life presently’’ Mimi said about her book success.

In her book, Mimi teaches every keen reader to break down the mental blocks that have been forced on them as a result of earlier traumas that have created a negative mindset.

The book is not about self-discovery but self-love and breaking free from the shackles of the past to become a confident individual with the power to say no to negative elements, gain clarity in one’s life purpose, improve self-esteem, and going from powerless to powerful, unfulfilled to totally fulfilled and purposeful.

Mimi Bland is a premium mindset and empowerment coach and the owner and founder of New Life Academy, “The Answer Is You.”

In essence, her new book is a culmination of Mimi’s 25 year journey coming full circle from being the victim of abuse to offering leadership, inspiration, motivation and empowerment to aid others to totally change their lives for the better.

Through “New Life Academy”, she is committed to helping people overcome their present situations through scheduled sessions on self-transformation and mind-set management. As a visionary, she identifies with people and possesses a gift for seeing the best in them. She does not stop until she helps her mentees get in touch with their inner powers and realize and reach their true potential.

Mimi Bland is an inspiring figure for many who swear by her formula that has helped them benefit by mastering mind and emotion to create a dream life.

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