Empire Global Partners Join Bloomberg Enterprise Solutions Partnership Program

Empire Global Partners has now partnered with Bloomberg Enterprise Solutions, creating a unique opportunity to work together and meet the needs of the global financial services community.

Empire Global Partners has today announced its status as a Bloomberg Enterprise Solutions Partner, which ensures all their business investment software is certified to be able to consume data from Bloomberg. This has allowed them to incorporate its calculators, reference data and market data into their own comprehensive research and analysis, creating better and more actionable financial information processing.

Empire Global Partners has long been recognized as a leader in research and information processing, and their software solutions have been marketed successfully to multinationals across the globe as a means to manage their multi-asset order and execution processes across investment cycles. The compatibility with Bloomberg enables clients to access a greater range of information upon which to base their decisions.

The Bloomberg Partnership also represents the emergence of Empire Global Partners as a force to be reckoned with on the world stage, offering financial services that offer best in class performance, delivered by world-leading research and investment management teams, and now underlined by a partnership with one of the most trusted brands in finance.

Empire Global Partners has now secured access to the Bloomberg terminal, tradebook, execution management, data, integration and distribution modules, adding further robustness to their own unique platform.

A spokesperson for Empire Global Partners explained, “We are thrilled to be able to announce this partnership with Bloomberg Enterprise Solutions, enabling us to effectively benefit from everything Bloomberg has to offer while maintaining our independence. This allows us to retain what makes us unique, and what delivers the biggest difference to our clients, while augmenting the toolkit used by our researchers and investment managers to identify trends and take action accordingly. This is another reflection of our constant search to improve the service and returns we deliver to our clients, and we look forward to seeing what further improvements this will enable us to make.”

About Empire Global Partners: Empire Global Partners’ approach revolves around sustained, long-term, incremental investment for optimal returns. It is only through attaining comprehensive clarity of client objectives that their experienced team can focus resources on creating results that meet and exceed these expectations. This has enabled them to become a leading global asset manager with approximately $87 billion of assets under management.

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