Empire Capital Partners Uses Innovative Investment Approach To Maximize Success Of Mergers & Acquisitions

Empire Capital Partners' outstanding track record in representing corporations, investors and stockholders at sensitive stages of mergers and acquisitions is all thanks to their unique approach.

Companies entering a merger or acquisition will most likely have never been through such a process before. As a result, they are ill-equipped to understand the complexities, opportunities and challenges that present themselves, and can be short-sold as a result. Fortunately, financial consultants are frequently recruited to manage hundreds of similar transactions between businesses, and therefore have detailed knowledge of the process. Empire Capital Partners offers such consultancy, and can help clients to maximize the value from the sale of their business.

Their mergers and acquisitions advice covers preparing private shareholders for the sale, helping management teams negotiate terms, raising private equity and debt finance to support a management buy-out or buy-in, and much more. They help corporate and private shareholders raise private equity and finance for growth, cash out or recapitalisation. They can even provide a PLC board (Official List and AIM) for acquisitions and disposals, bid support or defence, and public to privates.

On the other side of the fence, they provide acquisition support services to both private equity and corporate acquirers. Their innovative investment approach helps them identify and target the most valuable assets, best intellectual property, and most lucrative existing contracts, retaining unspent funds for reinvestment elsewhere in the company.

A spokesperson for Empire Capital Partners explained, “We have succeeded on behalf of hundreds of businesses, both on one side of the transaction or as an impartial mediator, to ensure that every merger or acquisition is as successful and lucrative as possible for all involved. This is all thanks to our unique approach, which in turn was developed from insights drawn from hundreds of mergers we have assisted in. By perfecting our approach over time, we are now in a position to offer the industry’s leading business consultancy services, that can get clients the best possible results.”

About Empire Capital Partners: Empire Capital Partners operates four distinct but complementary investment groups, and has made itself a market leader based on $1.13 billion of assets under management and impressive investment performance. Their first-class, in-house research, solid approach to investing, and next generation investment philosophy guarantees their products and tools can deliver on clients’ investment ambitions.

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