Empire Capital Partners Update Innovative Investment Approach Using Big Data

Empire Capital Partners has long had one of the most innovative, research-led investment approaches in the industry, and is now augmenting that approach with big data.

Empire Capital Partners has long been known for its first-class, in-house research, delivering an innovative investment approach that has created four distinct but complementary groups, leading the field in performance. They are now enhancing their capabilities more than ever, by introducing in-house big data analytics as a vital new component of their advanced research division.

In classical thinking, knowledge is power. In the 21st century, critical thinking unlocks the world. With so much information at hand, understanding how to process it and how to use it become far more important than the information itself. Empire Capital Partners understand this, and their research team has long harnessed deep research and trend analysis. This enabled them to make predictions no one else could make, creating results no one else could deliver.

The introduction of big data will allow the company to look broadly as well as deeply, on a scale never before seen. Their existing analysts are perfectly placed to cut through the noise and see the trends within the data, ‘reading the matrix’ of macro-economics and leveraging it for real advantages in the moment.

The enhanced investigatory powers made available to the research team will help them in delivering excellence to all clients, no matter how modest or massive their portfolio, keeping the company on the cutting edge of investment performance for years to come.

A spokesperson for Empire Capital Partners explained, “We are excited to have introduced new investment research capabilities, providing our research team with the tools they need to continue their outstanding work, while operating at a whole new level. We understand that being an industry leader today means staying ahead of the field. Combining our traditional methods with the latest in big data analytics creates a stronger knowledge base for our consultants to operate from, ensuring we are the best-informed investment firm in the business. We are confident this will allow us to continue delivering outstanding results for clients long into the future.”

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Empire Capital Partners believes each of its investment groups is a market leader based on assets under management and investment performance. Profit from Empire Capital Partners first-class, in-house research, the company's solid approach to investing, and its next generation investment philosophy.

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