Empire Capital Partners Increases Foreign Exchange Market Activity In Step With Globalisation

Empire Capital Partners is a global investment company, and alongside its trading in several key territories, is further developing its capabilities in the Forex market to exploit major shifts.

Since its inception, Empire Capital Partners has used in-depth research to lead the field, making predictions others could not, and successfully investing in the future shape of the markets to the delight of their clients. As globalisation continues apace, no market has changed more than the Forex market, and Empire Capital has been ahead of it every step of the way. They are now redoubling these efforts to ensure their best-in-class performance stays that way, with new tools and approaches.

The most active stocks are traded daily throughout this expanding global market. There are thousands of different stock variants, but the most common are ordinary stocks. When trading with Empire Capital in these markets, stockholders receive twice annual dividends based on the profitability of the hand-picked companies invested in.

This long-term focus means incremental but consistent gains for clients, which can offset against inflation and mitigate risk. Empire Capital are introducing new big data analytics, together with their typical forensic analysis of every company recommended, to ensure they predict how each business will interact with the broader context as accurately as possible.

The company’s international expansion has also included a major new territory, opening an office in Taiwan to get a firm foothold in the Asian markets.

A spokesperson for Empire Capital Partners explained, “We are pleased to be able to introduce new ways of understanding the relationship between companies and resources traded on the forex market. The forex market is becoming ever more prosperous, and with our new office in Taiwan we are better able than ever to keep a constant eye on the subtle movements of the world market. Our knowledge now combines the best of east and west, and gives us an unprecedented combination of both global and regional knowledge to draw from.

About Empire Capital Partners: Empire Capital Partners believes each of its investment groups is a market leader based on assets under management and investment performance. The 800-strong company provides first-class, in-house research, which informs a solid approach to investing based on individual goals, and a next generation investment philosophy ensuring profits are ethically responsible and environmentally friendly.

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