Empire Capital Partners Commits To Increase Charitable Giving

Empire Capital Partners has committed to increase their charitable giving in 2017 after creating their best-ever returns on behalf of investors, to help those in need throughout the world.

Financial institutions have seen their reputations battered after the financial crisis of 2007, yet relatively few of those institutions have made any meaningful changes to improve their reputation. Empire Capital Partners has always been the exception, and has led charitable giving by investment firms long before the crash. This has made them the partner of choice for ethical investors, and their high ethics standards have also ensured they choose to invest in the most successful companies of the last ten years. This year, they are committing to increasing their charitable donations still further, after posting record returns on behalf of clients.

The Empire Capital Partners Corporate Giving program specializes in providing financial support to non-profit organizations and charities, through significant corporate sponsorship donations for specific programs and initiatives.

Each year, Empire partners with various organizations and charities that create better opportunities in education, arts & culture in the present, while helping a Disaster Relief Charity and an environmental protection institution to help create a better future.

After record-setting results on investment partnerships throughout this last year, the company is now committing to increase their charitable giving, and is offering investment partners a chance to nominate charitable institutions and initiatives for support, so partners can define the difference Empire will make in the world.

A spokesperson for Empire Capital Partners explained, “We are pleased to announce that we are increasing our charitable donations this year, and we are actively seeking nominations from our investment partners to help define where our contributions go this year. We are looking to help more charities than ever achieve their aims, and create a better future for everyone, whether through immediate needs like disaster relief or through artistic endeavours that will enrich the culture for generations to come. We want to help people to feel confident growing their personal wealth with us, secure in the knowledge that by doing so they are helping to benefit those most in need throughout the world.”

About Empire Capital Partners: Empire Capital Partners believes each of its investment groups is a market leader based on assets under management and investment performance. Profit from Empire Capital Partners first-class, in-house research, the company's solid approach to investing, and its next generation investment philosophy.

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