Empire Asset Investments Potentially Targeted For Takeover By Wall Street Institutions

Empire Asset Investments is being put through the rumor mill on Wall St, as it gains attention for its work bridging time zones between east and west, making it an attractive target for a takeover.

Takeovers happen when a company approaches the target company’s shareholders with an offer to buy a controlling interest, in order to gain control of the business and its direction. Such actions usually happen to businesses that have been identified as being both successful in their own right, while still having significant potential for growth. Empire Asset Investments has consulted on many of these takeovers as part of the investment and asset management services they provide. Now, they find themselves being talked about as a potential takeover target over on Wall Street.

The company, headquartered in Hong Kong, manages some $87 billion in private alternative assets. The company (http://empireassetinvestments.com) is frequently one of the first in Asia to receive exclusive opportunities to buy in on IPOs for major global companies, and has made financial headlines with a series of firsts and industry leading performance.

Now the advantages of bridging east and west have been proven, and the ability to trade in multiple timezones pays dividends for investors, major asset management firms on Wall Street are said to be taking an interest in Empire Asset Investments. The company itself remains coy over the allegations.

A spokesperson for Empire Asset Investments explained, “We’ve heard rumors, but at this stage that is all they are. We are flattered that we would be viewed as an attractive prospect for our neighbors on Wall Street. Our featured investments speak for themselves. At the same time, we can guarantee our clients that the quality of service they receive from us will never come second to profit maximization on our part. We are expert negotiators – we have facilitated the kind of takeovers being talked about, and as such, we will ensure we get the best deal for all parties, should the occasion arise. We will continue to look across the pond with interest in how this develops.”

About Empire Asset Investments: Empire Asset Investments is headquartered in Hong Kong. It is the leading private global alternative asset manager in the region, with approximately $87 billion of assets under management, and around 800 employees. They seek to deliver attractive performance to their investor base across both investment groups and strategies, by working with tradable credit (long-only and alternative credit), direct lending, private equity and real estate (debt and equity).

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