Empire Asset Investments Bridge Gap Between East And West To Make Investments Work Harder

Empire Asset Investments has a uniquely global reach, with access to business investments in eastern and western markets, meaning investors can operate in more emerging markets than ever before.

Investing in equities (stocks) is a way for individuals to secure dividends from the businesses they are financing. Stockholders will usually receive dividends twice annually. These dividends are based upon the company’s profitability. Empire Asset Investments are an investment management company that has over $87 billion of assets under management, and can help people’s investments work harder, by identifying companies worldwide that are poised to seize national market shares in their home territories.

Empire’s global position is founded on bridging time zones between East & West, with round-the-clock access to investment managers, who are identifying opportunities across the globe for their investors to benefit from. In an increasingly globalized world, some of the best opportunities for fast gains are identified in the unlikeliest places.

For longer term investments, dividends tend to rise in value, which provides stockholders with a measure of offset against inflation while they are waiting for their investment to pay off. This makes the right investments a relatively low risk. The Empire Asset Investments team can offer further guidance and advice from their website, or directly in a free initial consultation.

A spokesperson for Empire Asset Investments explained, “Empire Asset Investments understands that the most active stocks are traded daily throughout an ever-expanding global market. There are thousands of different stock variants, but the most common are ordinary stocks. We offer the best and most comprehensive view of the markets in both the short and long terms, worldwide. Our teams can therefore offer people a greater number of opportunities to suit their preferred strategy. With truly international reach, we offer eastern and western investors the best of each other’s markets, which can only pay off for businesses too, helping them access the finances they need for growth.”

About Empire Asset Investments: Empire Asset Investments is a private, leading global alternative asset manager with approximately $87 billion of assets under management ("AUM") and around 800 employees. They seek to deliver attractive performance to their investor base across multiple investment groups and strategies, including tradable credit (long-only and alternative credit), direct lending, private equity and real estate (debt and equity). The firm is headquartered in Hong Kong.

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