Ellie Erickson #1 International Bestselling Co-Author of Yes I Can! Launches Her Course “Flirting Forward”

Dating and relationship coach, Ellie Erickson spared no detail as she contributed a chapter to Dr. Izdihar Jamil’s #1 international bestselling book, “Yes I Can!”.

The book which is about uplifting Entrepreneurs tackles a host of topics with over 15 different authors leveraging their expertise and experiences for the benefit of all.

Ellie Erickson’s chapter, titled “Flirting with Forever”, tells it all about self-inflicted toxic relationships. Some people find the right one without any hassle and things just work out from there, others, through no fault of theirs, have to battle to meet the right one. After years of trooping in and out of “situationships”, Ellie Erickson found a way out. In this chapter, she disclosed that sometimes, the men and women that people fail to connect with are not necessarily bad people. From her experience as a coach and a girl who had been naive once, she highlighted that people only offered her the bare minimum because she asked for it indirectly.

And why would anyone ask for the bare minimum? Ellie Erickson brutally revealed that it was due to a lack of self-esteem and confidence in oneself. People would spend limitless periods of time admiring others but have no spare second to appreciate the things that make them magical. Ellie suffered the same fate until when she made a conscious effort to do better and focus on the things that make her feel good. Of course, she still wanted to find true love but this time, she had decided to love herself and all the things that made her whole. The confidence and self-esteem that she built, as a result, helped her to attract a loving man and who respected everything about her passions and boundaries.

Due to an overwhelming response to her chapter, Ellie is excited to share her methods in her upcoming course “Flirting Forward”. Just like she did, Ellie Erickson is calling on more women to build up their self-esteem by putting themselves first. One of the things that makes her course unique is that she talks about the science behind dating and love, as well as the tactical tools needed to step into one’s worth and accomplish any goal (romantic or otherwise) that they set for themselves.

When asked about her course Ellie said, “I love this course and the work I do because women walk away with a new found love for themselves, their life, and dating. It’s such an amazing feeling to be able to empower people in their lives and help them get into their dream relationship”. Find out more about her course here: Flirting Forward.

Like every other contributing author on Dr. Izdihar Jamil’s #1 international bestselling book, “Yes I Can”, Ellie Erickson was pleased to be a part of it. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.com.

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