Elite Investment Strategies Publishes Helpful New Guide to Investing $100,000

Investment specialist's in-depth new guide targets those who have arrived at a new milestone in their investing lives, helps them progress toward the next one, Elite Investment Strategies reports

Elite Investment Strategies announced the publication of a new guide aimed at investors with $100,000 or more of savings to manage. The new guide, available at the company's section of the popular RebelMouse digital publishing platform, addresses those investors who have put together substantial holdings for the first time in their lives but have not yet mastered the challenges that these raised stakes entail. The useful new guide is the latest product of Elite Investment Strategies' continuing commitment to helping individual investors learn about the whole range of investment options available today and make the most of their savings.

"There is a time in every investor's life when things come to seem more serious than in the past," Elite Investment Strategies representative John Wilson stated, "Many young workers, for example, trickle money into their retirement accounts for years without thinking about them much, only to suddenly realize that they have $100,000 or more saved up. Figuring out what to do once you have begun to amass such savings can be difficult, and our new article about how to invest 100k will help."

With lifespans stretching longer and longer, saving enough for retirement is an increasing challenge for many people today, especially when retirement-oriented entitlement programs cannot be expected to provide even the bare minimum needed to get by. The long-term sustainability of such programs is often cast into doubt, too, making their futures seem hardly more promising than that of the now-virtually extinct private pension programs that were once so common.

That means that virtually every working person today needs to strive actively to put together savings sufficient to last them and their loved ones for 20, 30, or more years of retirement. Regrettably few people rise to this challenge successfully, though, with the average American today only being able to point to around $12,000 in retirement savings even when that event is less than a decade off.

Elite Investment Strategies was founded to help make a difference for everyone who wants to address head-on the important task of saving and investing. At the company's site at investment-help.org, a wide and constantly growing collection of articles, strategies, and guides helps investors of all skill levels and goals learn how to better navigate the many options in the world of investing and finance.

The new guide just published by Elite Investment Strategies at social-focused publishing platform RebelMouse furthers the company's work of this sort. It points out how investors who have worked hard to accumulate substantial portfolios can take steps to ensure the growth of their savings while also being able to sleep at night. It details, for example, how a Free Gold Investment Kit can teach investors about using precious metals to increase the safety of their retirement accounts, along with a host of other interesting options. The new guide will be of great interest, then, to those who have done the hard, important work of saving up the beginnings of a substantial retirement nest egg and are wondering what to do next.

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