Elite Investment Strategies Introduces Consumers To Alternative IRA Investments

Investment-help.org launches website to offer IRA investment strategies and gold-backed IRA options for consumers to consider.

Reporting for the financial magazine “Forbes.com” Contributor Bernard A. Krooks writes about investment strategies in his article “"Make Sure You Understand the Benefits and Risks of IRAs and 401(k)s.” As an attorney who works with clients on retirement issues, he advises, “Anyone who wants to save for retirement can set up their Individual Retirement Account or IRA. These are funded with one's own money and have several distinct tax advantages for investors.” Mr. Krooks adds, “Learn all you can before setting up your IRA and be sure to investigate alternative methods of investment to cope with an ever-changing economy.”

Meeting the needs of consumers who wish to wisely program their own IRA accounts for the future is the company Elite Investment Strategies, and their user-friendly website located online at http://investment-help.org. Spokesperson for Elite Investment Strategies Dan Houston explains their mission, “We want to assist investors to make the correct decision for their own hard-earned money and personal situations. Our web pages were devised to provide educational articles and links for investors to discover alternative options they may not previously have been aware of. In addition to such well known investments as mutual funds, stocks and bonds, there are indeed other methods for successful investment. Owners of both traditional and Roth IRA accounts should be aware of what is available so that they can make the most of their investment funds.”

Dan Houston elaborates, “A prime example of this, is the fact that too many investors are not familiar with the concept of buying gold, silver or other precious metals as assets inside of their IRA account. This is known as having a 'self directed IRA' and can be an incredible hedge against inflation. Having an IRA backed in actual gold offers a variable plethora of advantages for investors. Precious metals always have worth, unlike stocks, bonds and even real estate. The opportunity for financial growth that gold offers also gives investors the much appreciated benefit of tax free growth or tax deferred status that comes with the IRA of their choice.”

Dan states, “Independently choosing how you wish to invest can ultimately be your strongest weapon against weak economic conditions. Investors who pick investments backed by precious metals are more likely to survive market fluctuations. A 'Gold backed IRA' offers more stability and a greater degree of control for investors over the long run. To make this happen, our website offers advise from experts in finance and reviews of alternative investment methods that consumers can have at their fingertips with informative links like http://investment-help.org/self-directed-ira-custodian-reviews.

About Elite Investment Strategies:

Elite Investment Strategies presents online information for concerned consumers to make the best investment decisions on their own behalf. Their web pages include retirement, investment and income strategies chosen for their relevance to today's precarious economy. Web readers have the opportunity to learn more about such options as gold backed IRA accounts and innovative investment techniques. This company makes a point of presenting a variable myriad of viewpoints, followed by online links that readers can pursue at their convenience. Elite Investment Strategies will only recommend companies that they have professionally vetted and meet their high standards of business for the benefit of financially savvy consumers.

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