Elder Law Attorney in Las Cruces, NM Protects Over $1,000,000 Of A Family's Estate From Nursing Care Costs

An elder law attorney in Las Cruces, NM (Estrada Law, P.C.) has revealed a 3-step process that recently protected over $1,000,000 of a New Mexico family's estate from nursing home care costs. The service includes a free consultation .

An estate planning firm in Las Cruces NM has just revealed how one of their elder law clients was able to protect over $1,000,000 from nursing home fees by qualifying for Medicaid.

This represented protecting over 80% of the family’s whole estate.

The result has been directly linked to a 3 step process used by the elder law and estate planning firm (Estrada Law, P.C.) to handle nursing home fee planning and which has resulted in other successful Medicaid qualifications.

The 3 step process is explained in a short free video report published here.

One of the biggest problems facing families with loved ones who need nursing home care is how they can avoid the government taking a huge amount of their loved ones money from the family estate to pay for such care.

The only way to avoid this is to qualify for Medicaid but the rules are extremely complicated and if you have more than a few thousand dollars in savings you don’t qualify by right.

So to deal with this problem Michele Ungvarsky, the founder of Estrada Law, has designed a process that helps people qualify for Medicaid in a way that their family savings and assets are protected from nursing home costs.

The three step process does this by cutting through the government red tape of Medicaid qualification and ring fences exposed money and valuable assets such as property and real estate, using two key elements. Ms. Ungvarsky refers to these as The ‘Medicaid Qualification Blueprint’ and a ‘Funding Roadmap’.

The Medicaid Qualification Blueprint’ categorizes all of the financial assets that are under threat such as cash, deposits…income, investments, retirement funds and life insurance.

The Funding Roadmap then walks the authorities through how all of the family’s financial assets are packaged and how the majority is legally protected from nursing home fees. It also helps avoid probate and the problems that go with it.

When asked about the main benefits of the 3 step process and how it can help a family facing the issue of paying for nursing home care Ms.Ungvarsky, said, “We understand that when a loved one needs nursing home care it can be an extremely stressful and confusing time. That’s why we have done everything to help those affected, protect their family’s money from being taken by the government to pay for this care.”

For more information please contact Michele Ungvarsky at Estrada Law, P.C. on (575) 636-1980 or click here.

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