EHS Takes Initiative to Help Prevent Water Waste

A renowned full-service water restoration company providing emergency plumbing, mold removal and water damage restoration in Orange County, introduces gratuitous slab leak detection for enhanced water leakage control.

Billions of gallons of water are lost each year across California through leaky pipes before water even reaches consumers. Water leaks cause damage to houses throughout the U.S., increasing the concern about the environmental pollution and financial losses at the national level. Emergency Home Solutions, a reputable Orange County water damage restoration company specializing in a wide range of emergency services, has decided to join the battle against water waste. The company will help Orange County homeowners control the leakage losses by providing innovative and reliable slab leak detection by courtesy of the company.

“We understand that slab leaks aren’t on most people’s radar so the leakages can go undetected for a long time. Even when people notice an increase in their water bill, the idea of a hidden leak simply doesn’t cross their mind. We see this valuable addition to our services as a way to help Orange County residents minimize water loss in their household and save on their utility bills. It is a win-win scenario for both Orange County residents and the environment”, emphasizes Cory Bowen, owner of Emergency Home Solutions.

As Bowen points out, homeowners are mostly unaware of leaks lurking below the concrete slab of their house that can lead to serious damage to their property. Wasted water also means wasted electricity. That should not be people’s only concern, though. Contaminants can get through the crack and travel through the pipes to our water taps. Not to mention the benefits for the environment from water savings and the reduction of energy consumption.

A thorough video pipe inspection with highly sensitive cameras can find even the tiniest fractures in the pipes underneath the foundation and reveal a slab leak. The state-of-the-art leak detection equipment includes special flexible waterproof cameras that can access even the hardest-to-reach corners when inserted in the pipes. During the slab leak inspection, any faults in the pipeline can be effectively detected. By pinpointing the precise location, plumbers can fix the issue in a timely manner.

About Emergency Home Solutions: Emergency Home Solutions is one of the leading Orange County water damage restoration companies offering a comprehensive range of exceptional 24/7 emergency services, including mold removal, emergency plumbing and water damage restoration. EHS services Irvine, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Hills, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, Laguna Niguel and neighboring communities. The company’s extensive track record of performance, certification by the EPA, accreditation by the BBB, long-standing cooperation with insurance companies, and dedication to customer satisfaction guarantee superior quality of service. Established more than a decade ago and committed to integrity, professionalism, and full transparency ever since, EHS has quickly earned customers’ trust throughout Orange County, CA.

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