Efterisolering Danmark Launches Latest Insulation Product and Service Line

As winter brings on its full impact, proper insulation becomes crucial on a number of levels, publishes efterisoleringdanmark.dk

According to a recent report from Zion Market Research, the global insulation market surged more than USD 5 billion last year alone with an estimated annual growth of 3.5 percent predicted for the years to come. This report goes on to point out a number of factors are contributing to this uptick. In response to the recent development in this sector, Martin Jynson of Denmark-based insulation provider and installation expert, Efterisolering Danmark (efterisoleringdanmark.dk) has launched its latest product and service line.

Said Jynson, "Winter is here, so it's time for home and business owners to get the proper insulation installed. Having outdated or inadequate insulation can have a number of negative ramifications, not the least of which is lowered comfort levels. At Efterisolering Danmark, we offer a vast lineup of insulation products designed to meet the full range of residential and commercial needs."

Based on information from the construction and home improvement industry, a number of factors affect which type of insulation is required and how much is necessary, including building size and type, surrounding environment and the heating and cooling systems being used to name a few. Whether the structure in question is a new build or under renovation additionally factors into the equation. Different types of insulation may be required for various areas of a home or business as well.

As noted on the Efterisolering Danmark website at efterisoleringdanmark.dk/loftisolering, heat transfer through a structure's ceiling is typically as much as 12 percent higher than other areas. The company often recommends paper insulation in residential attics, as this type of product is an environmentally friendly alternative and is treated to withstand moisture and provide flame retardant properties.

Paper insulation is likewise suggested for older homes constructed before modern, more energy-efficient building materials reached the market. According to information provided by the company, paper insulation offers higher insulative properties than other blown-in options. It is also capable of reaching crevices while allowing for proper ventilation. Further details are available via efterisoleringdanmark.dk/hulmursisolering.

Concluded Jynson, "We cater to all insulation needs and offer the lowest prices in Denmark on these types of products and services. We also match any lower offer home and business owners may find on like products. We encourage anyone in need of new or additional insulation to contact us for more information, and if they're not sure of whether or not they need an upgrade, we gladly offer free consultations."

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As a fully authorized and accredited company, Efterisolering Danmark offers unbeatable prices and services while catering to the full range of national insulation needs.

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