Effective, Affordable, New Customer Relationship Management Software To Be Released in 2016

Sales Follow Up 123 Software, an innovative Customer Relationship Manager System will automate your sales follow up efforts to facilitate the process of finding, getting and keeping Clients.

CEO and President of Sales Follow Up 123, Doug Brown states, “Statistics show that most customers defect to a competitor not because of the product but because of the lack of communication. Communication is the essence of building relationships, which leads to an increase in sales and better bonding.” Brown instructs that through regular communication and maintaining a healthy ongoing relationship with clients, salespersons gain leverage that positively increases their bottom line, with a corresponding overall increase in sales.

Sales Follow Up 123 is slated to be released in 2016, with effective customer relationship management, lead generation, communications, and automated Follow Up features that result in higher closing ratios, repeat sales, and more lifetime clients.

Based on 20 years of focused sales experience, Sales Follow Up 123 combines features such as automated salesperson to client communication and follow up, salesforce management functions and communications, and lead generation. Sales Follow Up 123’s unique combination of easy to implement features and automated tools result in a higher closing ratio with existing clients and leads, more repeat sales, and higher retention of existing clients.

The concepts that led to the development of Sales Follow Up 123 were the result of the experience and insights gained through a successful sales career from top selling salesman Doug Brown. As an independent division head, creating, training and presenting high-impact, results-oriented web seminars for prospects of Tony Robbins and Chet Holmes, Doug increased division sales by 864% and close rate by 62% in just six months. He has also trained clients of Jay Levinson, David Wood, and Terri Levine.

Insight from Brown’s diversified sales background resulted in a software platform providing support for salespersons from a wide variety of industries. Sales Follow Up 123 is designed to support individual salespersons and large salesforces.

The CRM features of Sales Follow Up 123 are just one component of the software, where salespersons gain instant access to contacts, leads, as well as critical information on clients. Automated follow up features of Sales Follow Up 123 contribute to maintaining a consistent communications lifeline with existing clients and leads. This adds to a competitive edge, setting salespersons apart from competitors, and leading to more closings and higher repeat sales. By retaining a higher percentage of clients, commissions and profits are higher. Available research indicates that a 1% to 5% increase in client retention results in an average of 20% in higher profits or commissions.

Sales Follow Up 123 is available for a free one-month no-obligation trial. The combined features of the software can’t be found anywhere else on the software market, with powerful sales follow up and customer management tools at a price that anyone can afford. This makes Sales Follow Up 123 the most efficient and effective sales follow up, customer relationship management, and intra-office communication tool on the market, with features appealing to salespersons from a wide range of industries, and at all levels of performance.

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Sales Follow Up 123 is based in Stratham, NH. The software will be available for a free 30-day trial.

Contact Sales Follow Up 123 directly at: contact@the123companies.com.

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