EDU Libs Open Doors To International Institutions To Create Worldwide Knowledge Network

EDU Libs, or Educational Libraries, syndicates articles, essays and documents published by the world’s universities to create a single resource center for current expert knowledge.

Education is nothing without resources, and with libraries dying a new paradigm must be formed to store and disseminate educational resources in order that professors and enthusiasts can benefit from great research and writing. EDU Libs is a website that offers educational resources to all and fosters a community of likeminded professors and educators who can pool their resources to get the best from another, as well as making the information available to the public. The site now welcomes contributions from all over the world and has expanded its language support in light of the surprising boost in traffic from countries around the world.

Articles on the website vary widely in topics and themes, from discussions of the implications of the Harry Potter series on race relations to the latest considerations from the world of physics. All documents are available to download, read and distribute for free, opening up what was once a closed shop to the public.

The site allows individuals to browse by university as well as by type, able to download free e-books, journal articles, and project ideas that can inspire educators or those who wish to educate themselves. With the international contributions expanding every day, the site has now moved toward attracting a global audience.

The site also provides a valuable resource for people looking for Universities and colleges with full contact details and information of thousands of educational institutions. For those looking to find universities in New York for instance there are 428 establishments listed.

A spokesperson for EDU Libs explained, “Since we have opened our doors to international contributions we have seen information come to us from the UK, Europe and Israel, and we have just added Arabic language support to welcome contributions from throughout the Middle East. It is our mission to ensure that knowledge knows no boundaries, and that the standard of the information we syndicate is of the highest calibre, authored by those working in the world’s leading institutions to host material for reference, inspiration and the dissemination of knowledge. We are thrilled the project has proven so successful thus far.”

About EDU Libs:
EDU Libs is a new resource center that aims to provide documents, papers and essays for university and school research, including peer reviewed articles, magazine sources, meta-analyses and industry news to shed light on everything from science and engineering to the humanities. All content is freely available in digital form and can be downloaded direct from the website.

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