Edrich Lumber Launches a Campaign to Alert Consumers to the Benefits of Mulch

Mulch does a great deal more than add to the curb appeal of a property, yet many property owners fail to recognize this, EdrichLumber.com reports

Although temperatures have turned cold and it appears spring may never arrive, now is the time to turn one's mind to the tasks that need to be conducted when temperatures finally do begin to rise. One such task is mulching the landscape, yet it is one that quite a few overlook. Mulch offers numerous benefits other than adding to the curb appeal, but many property owners fail to realize this. Edrich Lumber ( https://www.edrichlumber.com/products/mulch/)wants to change this and has launched a campaign to alert individuals to the many advantages of adding mulch to one's property.

"Mulch helps to prevent water loss through evaporation while also minimizing the growth of weeds. Nobody wants to spend their free time weeding a flower bed, and mulch can help to ensure they don't have to do this task more often. In fact, when used properly mulch can completely prevent the growth of weeds. Imagine never having to kneel down to pull unwanted intruders from a flower bed. This dream can be a reality with the correct use of mulch," Wendy Godwin, spokesperson for Edrich Lumber, announces.

Furthermore, mulch helps to regulate the temperature of the soil throughout the year. Frost damage becomes less of a concern when a property owner chooses to use mulch around fragile plants, and mulch protects the same plants from damage by a lawn mower when the weather turns warm. For this reason, any new plants added to the landscape should be surrounded by mulch immediately.

"Once the mulch has been added, it won't need to be replenished frequently. Simply add mulch when it begins to decompose, and check mulch levels during the spring to see where more needs to be added. Plants start to grow again when the weather warms up and weeds haven't started to germinate. Replenishing the material at this time ensures the weeds are kept at bay and the plant receives the water it needs," Godwin continues.

Take care when using a mulch product and ensure it is utilized properly. For example, a fine particle mulch, such as wood mulch, will require less product be used. In the event more than three inches of this product are laid around a plant, air flow may be restricted, and this can be harmful to the plant. In contrast, mulch made of a larger material, such as pine bark nuggets, can be laid more thickly around the plant. It allows for more air flow.

"When visiting Edrich Lumber (https://www.edrichlumber.com/lumber/) be sure to ask about how to correctly use the selected mulch product. In addition, check out the many other products we offer, including lumber, topsoil, architectural stone and sawdust. We are here to serve you in any way we can," Godwin declares.

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