Ed Bernstein Law Offices Launches Mobile Friendly Crash App To Help Victims

Ed Bernstein Law Officers of Las Vegas offers a mobile friendly crash app allowing individuals to fill in accident details at the scene of an accident to begin taking action to pursue their claims.

A car crash can be a traumatic event, and in the heat of the moment individuals can often become muddled as to what they need to do. As much as they might have thought about it hypothetically, the reality is often a different thing entirely. Ed Bernstein Law Offices understand this, and has provided an easy to use mobile app that allows people to dial 911 with the touch of a button, find their insurance company information quickly and easily, as well as get accurate GPS location data of the incident and even provides a form to fill in all the important details. This makes recording an incident easier than ever, but it also allows people to begin pursuing a claim with immediate effect.

The new mobile app is built right into the Ed Bernstein Law Offices website, and consists of an interface offering to get the location on the accident using a phone’s GPS, an insurance company directory to quickly find and contact an insurer, and a dial 911 button to help individuals contact the emergency services quickly.

It also has a one page form that can be filled out to include the details of the crash so individuals can save the contact and insurance details of the other party as well as their own details, which can then be passed to the experts at Bernstein Law to begin immediately defending an individuals’ rights.

A spokesperson for Ed Bernstein Law Offices explained, “Mobile is now the primary way people engage with the internet, and a mobile app built right into the site, that allows people to take immediate action in the event of a car crash, is the best way for people to get the upper hand in a claim cycle and pursue their rights most effectively. We have made it as easy as possible for individuals to get in touch with us, and for us to take effective action on their behalf. We urge people to visit the site to see it in action.”

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