Economics Professional Founds New Program Guaranteed to Increase Salary

Dr. Karen Gurney provides professionals the opportunity to break through their salary barrier and see it increase with her new and creative program.

The U.S. Average Peak Income Earning Age for 50% of the population is age 38. And the median income for a degreed professional is approximately $67,000. In order to break past the age 38 and $67,000 ceiling, research found that only professionals that find a mentor or career strategist beat the national averages. The old way of receiving promotions meant thousands of dollars in additional education, a high debt load, and applying for hundreds of jobs.

"Any bachelor degreed professional, with the right strategy, can use their degree and existing background to increase their income by age 48 with no additional education investment", says Dr. Karen Gurney, Founder and Director of Strategic Development for Career IQ, LLC. "I have created the Next $10K+ Program to help professionals achieve a guaranteed salary increase now, while loving their work and making their worth."

Dr. Gurney has influenced professionals around the country with her no additional education investment program. Darrell Johnson, President of National Black MBAs said, "Dr. Gurney's career innovation and creativity have influenced many professional leaders and their earnings". Giovanna Carrillo, President of the National Society of Hispanic MBA's echoes Johnson, "Karen has deep job market knowledge that she uses to elevate professionals."

Dr. Gurney, who uses her Ph.D. in Economic and Workforce Development, an MBA, and twenty years of work in talent management to help ambitious professionals reach their peak income potential all while skipping those steps. Many professionals take time out for education during core earning years of 35 to 48 and their income never recovers. For current employed professionals, Dr. Gurney uses her Peak Income Plan, or PIP. "It's a play on the Performance Improvement Plan, only mine teaches how to get a promotion from your current employer without even asking for one."

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