Ecommerce Company GLAMIRA Takes Lead on Customized Jewelry Selections

In a world of ready made jewelry is focused on their customer's needs and creating options that meet their specifications

Glamira, a well-known ecommerce company, has recently taken lead on customized jewelry collections in a world of ready-made jewelry. The main focus of the company is to ensure customer specifications are met and serve the needs of each patron in the most unique and visionary way possible.

“At, customers can find a wide array of wedding bands, engagement rings, and other extraordinary jewelry options,” stated GLAMIRA company representative. “We not only put quite a bit of care and attention to detail in each piece, but we are also able to customize the jewelry in all aspects.”

Regardless of if a person is searching for an engagement ring to “pop” the big question, or something more unique, Glamira can deliver. Customers will find solitaire engagement rings, as well as three and five stone selections, all available with customization options. Customers can choose from an array of stone cuts, including round cut, oval cut, emerald cut and cushion cut, among others.

“At Glamira, we don’t limit your desires,” continued the company representative. “We are working to expand the perception of jewelry day after day while providing a customer-centered approach. While our first store was opened in Germany in 1999, we have begun to engage the American market and putting quite a bit of time and effort into providing the absolute best jewelry selections available that American customers will love.”

The goal of Glamira, which is found at is to grow and spread the business name to gain credence of customers to earn the opportunity to help them enjoy their search for the perfect piece of jewelry. Those interested in what the company has to offer can visit the website to learn more.


Glamira opened its first jewelry store in Heilbronn, Germany in 1999, where the head office still remains. During the initial eight years of experience, the company emerged as a top contender in the customized jewelry industry. While the business has gone through changes and periods of growth, its staff is still dedicated to providing the best possible experience for when shopping for customized jewelry for customers. By the end of 2011, Glamira had made its mark on both the Spanish and UK markets and is now moving into the Americas to provide the amazing, customized jewelry options that the company is so well-known for. Today, Glamira offers customized jewelry products for every occasion.

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