EcoloCap Tests New Type of WiFi

EcoloCap establishes new partnership with the inventor of Super Wi-Fi

Michael Siegel, CEO of EcoloCap Solutions Inc. states: “ECOS has established a partnership with the inventor of S/Wi-Fi. Super Wi-Fi (S/Wi-Fi), establishes up to 32 miles and a guaranteed minimum 250 mbps. This will bring inexpensive wireless internet to all suburbs and rural areas.

ECOS has recently just successfully tested the S/Wi-Fi technology. It was employed in a new type of off the grid technology. This system consists of a solar powered street light and HD video surveillance system. The system can control the light, HD camera (pan, tilt, focus and zoom) and street light. This system can also be controlled from anywhere in the world through internet platforms and has a range of 32 miles from the central radio antenna.”

The wireless controller utilizing S/Wi-Fi has a straight line range of 32 miles of sight to two mile inner city in an ad hoc, wireless mesh configuration. What make S/Wi-Fi unique is the patent applied for method of antenna consolidation for greater distances and the method of identifying the distances that other S/Wi-Fi units are in the mesh, modulating the power to the antenna. A third patent applied for is for a cellphone that will utilize the S/Wi-Fi network. The cellphone will have 3 digital radios and one single antenna:

1) S/Wi-Fi, GPS (and emergency locater beacon) and private radio channel(s) (this radio can be used to replace police, military and any emergency services.)

2) S/Wi-Fi is backward compatible but the older equipment will net obtain S/Wi-Fi speeds.

3) S/Wi-Fi can make the existing cell phone technology obsolete.

ECOS is presently in discussions to bring S/Wi-Fi, high speed wireless to a Chicago suburban community at minimum speed of 250 mbps. The best speed available from Comcast is 150 mbps. The projected cost to the user will be $25/month plus $10 for equipment. There will be no wires to the customer.

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