Eco Proud Cleaners offers 100 % Non-Toxic, Natural and Eco Friendly Products

Eco Proud Cleaners offers natural, bio- degradable and non-toxic products when cleaning houses, offices and other commercial units in Adelaide.

Eco proud Cleaners use natural products when cleaning hard floors, carpets and windows. Their commitment to using environmentally safe products makes them a healthy alternative to other cleaning companies in Adelaide.

Several cleaning companies in Adelaide are prone to use toxic products which may contain 2-Butoxyethanol. This poisonous substance is a skin and eye irritant and is also associated with blood disorders. House cleaning services in Adelaide like Eco Proud use organic sanitizing products, which are suitable for toilets and kitchens. It's non-hazardous and food contact safe ensuring clean and healthy environment.

Some cleaning companies carry out poor services when cleaning a customer's house. They tend to leave behind toxic fumes which irritate the eyes, skin, nose and lungs. Some of these products are possible carcinogens and most are not bio-degradable. Such products could have deadly consequences.

Toxic cleaning products can adversely affect anyone and the environment. Eco Proud, a home cleaning service in Adelaide, uses low allergenic, non-toxic, bio-degradable cleaning agents, HEPA® micro filtered vacuum cleaners and micro-fibre cloths. These products are safe, effective and naturally fresh. They do not contain phosphates, chlorine and caustics. These cleaners in Adelaide use the high-quality, safe and non-toxic solutions for a healthy and clean home.

Cleaners that are used by some companies may not be properly trained. This, of course leads to poor service and the misuse of products. Poorly trained staff is detrimental to the safety of clients and their families. Cleaning services in Adelaide have trained their staff better, to get the desired results. It is important that the attitude of cleaners is highly professional.

A spokesperson for the Eco Proud clean team said, “Our cleaners are experienced, quality-focused, thoroughly trained and appropriately rewarded, as well as being above industry standards to ensure that we are able to choose from the very best. Our regular, on-going quality improvement program ensures that our teams use the most up-to-date procedures, products and equipment, and consistently achieve our ever-increasing leading standards.”

About Eco Proud:

Eco Proud is a reputed cleaning company offering commercial and home cleaning services in Adelaide and suburbs using non-toxic, and highly effective natural green products.

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