E-Filliate Helps Small Businesses Expand Through Their Extended Range of Wholesale Items

E-Filliate can help businesses grow with the provision of unbeatable quality items at unbeatable wholesale prices, and are adding their catalog to social media, including YouTube.

Many businesses realize that small sales can leader to bigger ones, and this is never more true than in the tech industry, where coming to a store for trusted, high quality and affordable accessories can open the door to closing bigger deals on larger items like phones, tablets, laptops and more. E-Filliate Inc of Rancho Cordova, California was built by its founder Wes Sumida into a successful 120 million dollar wholesale business that provides a huge catalog of these affordable items. They allow businesses to meet bulk demand for business clients or incentivize individuals effectively without having to buy en masse themselves.

E-Filliate distributes over 5,000 different items to online businesses, the tech industry, government agencies, schools and more with their range constantly expanding. Their biggest client is Walgreens, who sell over 400,000 E-Filliate sourced items a week. Because of this expertise E-Filliate’s Wes Sumida is ideally placed to help out small businesses as well as large.

The company has mass buying power on its side so can source items businesses need at a fraction of the price, allowing companies to still come out ahead on their margins while providing competitive prices to customers. The company has begun to put their products on an Efilliate Inc. Youtube channel, so companies can see the full scope of what they have to offer.

A spokesperson for Wes Sumida explained, “E-Filliate allows companies to fulfill their promises to consumers no matter how ambitious those promises might be. We are an enabler, and we source the right products for the business at a price that allows them to thrive on the profits. We can do this because we buy in volumes that no small to mid-size business could afford to invest in, then pass the bulk savings on to small and mid-size business owners. The model has proven extremely successful, and that’s thanks in part to our diverse and active social media presence, which now includes YouTube. We are constantly adding to our range of products so we can fulfill all the needs of our oyal customer base.”

About E-Filliate:
E-filliate is a value-added resell/wholesale distributor in hard-to-find, innovative, and low-cost mobile tech accessories. E-filliate leverages its deep experience in technology merchandising to create high-demand product opportunities with attractive margins. Cyberguys is a wholly owned subsidiary of E-filliate and has active Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and FourSquare pages.

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