DynoLock Products Offers Line of Automatic Tailgate Locking Solutions

CANYON LAKE, TX / March 3 – DynoLock Products is proud to announce the expansion of their service line to include an updated menu of modern vehicle security solutions for tailgate theft protection and cargo security. When addressing the needs of pickup truck owners who rely on tailgate security to protect their investments, DynoLock has long been the go-to locksmith and vehicle security solution provider, and continues to increase their offerings for more high-tech vehicle models. Tailgate theft and lock damage has long haunted pickup truck owners and is a constant concern for those who keep prized possessions, work equipment or specialized gear in their truck beds for transportation and regular use. Pickup owners now have a variety of new resources to help keep their tailgates more secure, and DynoLock provides a selection of these services in the Canyon Lake area.

When describing how the DynoLock system helps improve tailgate security, Jim Martin, DynoLock manager, said, “Our tailgate lock automatically locks the tailgate when you lock your doors. This prevents tailgate theft.When a cover is added to your truck, our lock prevents theft of the cargo, improving security for the valuables or tools you keep on hand in your truck.”Gary Locke, Sales Manager, said, “Our tailgate protection system is an excellent way for pickup drivers to keep their tailgates and truck beds secure. With their vehicles often being part of their daily routines and even tools of their trade, it's crucial that the cargo as well as the vehicle stay protected against theft.”

DynoLock offers both American and Chinese-made actuators for their automatic tailgate locks, which allow keyless entry and work with existing remotes and key fobs, so truck the tailgate and vehicle doors can be locked and unlocked simultaneously. DynoLock tailgate systems are 100% American-made with high security actuators and include a five year warranty. Their automatic tailgate locks that feature Chinese-made actuators are assembled in America and include a six-month warranty. With each product, all wires, connectors, brackets and installation instruction manuals are included. To learn more about the tailgate security solutions offered by DynoLock, visit their website at www.dynolock.com.

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