Dynamic Gift Reports on the Benefits of Promotional Products

The majority of recipients appreciate these gifts, use them, retain them and do business with the company that provided the gift, DynamicGift.com.au announces

The Promotional Products Association International found, in 2014, that 85 percent of consumers who receive a promotional product from a company opt to do business with that organization. In addition, 58 percent of these users keep the item for a year to possibly more than four years. This ensures the business continues to receive advertising and visibility in the consumer's eye. When a company goes to select promotional products, they need to keep this in mind and find products that a consumer can truly benefit from, ones that add value to their life.

"Stubby holders are a good example of an item that can be used year round and provide more exposure for a business. Any stubby holder won't do, however, when a company stops and considers how long the person may use this item. A business needs to find stubby holders that can stand up to regular use, as an item that falls apart won't impress the consumer. They may choose to look elsewhere for the products offered by the business," Chris Trembath, spokesperson for Dynamic Gift Australia, reports.

In addition, the Promotional Products Association International reports that promotional products boost the effectiveness of other media marketing by as much as 44 percent. This allows a business to make the most of their advertising dollars, even when the budget is limited. These products may bring in up to 500 percent more referrals that appeal letters. and 90 percent of individuals report they have a minimum of one promotional product they obtained in the past two years.

"The key to making the most of promotional products is to choose those items of most interest to the target audience. An athletic company, for example, will wish to look at sports and duffel bags, while a company marketing to college students may find a backpack to be the better choice. With a wide range of bags from Dynamic Gift currently available, finding the right one has never been easier. Additional choices include neoprene bags, wine bags and calico bags," Trembath continues.

Companies often question whether consumers truly want these items or if they consider them to be a nuisance. Actually, the association found that 83 percent of consumers like these products with an advertising message. Again, it's choosing an item they will want to use, one that benefits them in one or more ways, that will truly make the offering of the product a success.

"Dynamic Gift Australia supplies a wide range of promotional products to meet the needs of any company. Some prefer a floor mat for their car, others love an electronic device and some wish to have a phone stand. We can assist with these and many more. All a customer needs to do is ask, and we will help them find the right item for their organization's needs," Trembath explains.

About Dynamic Gift Australia:

Dynamic Gift Australia employs marketing experts who understand the intricacies of promoting a business and which promotional products work best for each organization. The experts recommend the best uses for an item and campaign ideas to use in conjunction with the promotion. As direct manufacturers, the company produces many items in their own facilities, which provides an advantage for the client because the prices drop considerably. Furthermore, items can be delivered more rapidly, as there is no middle man.

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