Dylan Okoro, CEO of D-Rocks Luxury Rentals, Offers Guidance for Up-And-Coming Entrepreneurs

Explains his motivation and experience in overcoming obstacles on his way to success

Dylan Okoro, CEO of (DLR) D-Rocks Luxury Rentals, a company that rents luxury cars, today shared inspiration and guidance for up-and-coming entrepreneurs based on his own unique path to success. It was not an easy path at times, but Okoro offers insights into what it takes to overcome obstacles to success.

Okoro grew up in modest circumstances and endured his fair share of stressful childhood experiences, such as being bullied. A promising athlete, Okoro attended college on a basketball scholarship. He credits sports with endowing him with a strong sense of discipline and the self confidence to know he could get better at something if he focused on it. Not that it was easy all the time. He said, “I remember specifically my high school coach telling me, after we lost our last game, ‘Get ready to work a 9-5 for the rest of your life.’ Those words sat with me till this day. It added to my fuel just to prove to the bullies, the doubters, the people that always told me ‘no’ that I’m worth something.”

When Okoro found himself unable to transition into professional sports, Okoro struggled at first. As he recalled, “After college I was sleeping on an air mattress, working odd jobs to get on my feet, things like Door dash, Uber and Lyft. I’ve done it all. So, I know how it feels to be humble and serve. I was able to put enough money together to get a luxury sedan. I put the car on Turo, and I had serious success. I knew I was on to something so after months of profiting I bought my second vehicle. After having two cars doing well, I decided to make my own rental car business.”

Okoro rented cars from other smaller rental companies so he could observe their protocols. “I would listen, ask questions and take pointers from their good and bad experiences,” he said. “I took a little bit from everybody to create my own business. At 25 years old, I am a business owner and I own D-rocks Luxury Rentals. I’ve come along way and success at a young age has always been my goal. Now that I’m here I understand I have to work twice as hard to maintain now.” D-Rocks Luxury Rentals provides a safe, luxurious means of travel for travelers. The company currently has a six-car fleet, comprising two Mercedes Benz’s, Two BMWs an Audi sedan and the super car Audi R8. Its website is https://www.instagram.com/d_rocks4/.

His main advice for young entrepreneurs is not to stop when they’re told “no.” He said, “I stay motivated by thinking about all the times I was told ‘no,’. All the jobs I didn’t get accepted for, all the people that did me wrong. Rather than to let the pain destroy me, I used the pain to fuel my drive.”

For more information, visit https://www.instagram.com/d_rocks4/

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