Duneze Pty Ltd Launches Patented Squat Toilet Product

The brand new design helps people assume a squatting position during elimination, reports www.duneze.com.

Duneze Pty Ltd is excited to announce the launch of their brand new patented product. On a mission to help people maintain their wellness, the new Duneze is designed to help people reap the benefits of assuming a squatting position during bowel and bladder elimination. The product is currently available directly from the Duneze website and is suitable for people of all ages and heights.

Rahul Rane, a spokesperson for Duneze Pty Ltd, commented, “Duneze is the product of extensive research conducted over the span of two decades. Dr. Ajay Rane, a world renowned professor and urogynecologist, discovered during that time that the traditional Western methods of bowel and bladder elimination were not only inefficient, they can also have a negative impact on a person’s health. Rather than ‘hovering’ over the toilet or having a child’s legs dangling because their feet can’t reach the floor, Duneze makes it a breeze for everyone to assume a squatting position, allowing for faster and more complete elimination without having to install as Squat Toilet.”

Unlike single-foot stools that are not convenient for the whole family, Duneze can help anyone move into a squatting position on the toilet. The patented design gives users three position options, including: the “feet flat” position perfect for children and short-statured individuals, a “knees raised” position that improves bowel angle, relieves abdominal pressure, and relaxes the pelvic outlet, and a “full squat” position, which Dr. Rane believes is the ideal physiological position for elimination.

Rane went on to say, “For those wondering Why to use Duneze, the answer is simple: it works. Duneze is specifically designed to be stylish, flexible, and sturdy, allowing everyone in the family to adjust its height to their needs and learn to use the squat position over time. After 20 years of research and 61 prototypes, we could not be happier about bringing this resource to the public to help them in their quest for good health.”

Families can learn more about the benefits and Order Duneze directly from the product website at duneze.com.

About Duneze Pty Ltd:

Duneze is a patented product that helps people assume a squatting position during elimination. Squatting is a natural position to eliminate, just as the human body is designed to do. Invented by Dr. Ajay Rane (ajayrane.com), a renowned professor and pelvic reconstruction surgeon, the product has decade-long research behind it proving the health benefits that come with progressively working towards a squat position.

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