DUI Heroes Founder & Leading Attorney Jonathan Dichter Shares How Protecting Clients Emotionally Is Essential – Seattle, WA

Jonathan Dichter, founder of DUIHeroes and Dichter Law Office, PLLC, near Seattle, WA, reveals the importance of feeling protected as a client during a DUI case. For more information please visit https://www.dichterlawoffice.com

In a recent interview, Jonathan Dichter, founder of DUIHeroes.com and Dichter Law Office, PLLC, near Seattle, WA, revealed the importance of feeling protected as a client during a DUI case.

For more information please visit https://www.dichterlawoffice.com/

When asked for a comment, he pointed to the fact that during a DUI case, which is typically a stressful experience, he and his staff understand that their clients want to feel they have a hero figure watching over them.

According to Dichter, a crucial aspect of doing this and making his clients feel protected is establishing a trusting attorney-client relationship right from the start.

“The first thing – and the most important thing really – is to see the client as a person before anything else. They have to know you see them and you recognize that they’re a real live human being who is scared. They have to know that you care. You can’t fake that – you can’t pretend to be interested in a person or their feelings. You have to walk the walk,” Dichter said.

Dichter further explained that clients automatically feel a sense of protection when the person they’re looking to for help shows genuine compassion.

“We recognize that our clients are going through 'unrelenting traumatic stress.' No matter what happens in court or our office, when they go home, the case is still with them. They never get a break from it while it’s going on. So, one of the first things I tell them is something that almost nobody tells people: ‘I’m really sorry you’re going through this,'" he commented.

He added that he reminds himself and everyone who works at DUI Heroes that no matter what’s going on in their lives, their client has always had a worse day.

It’s critical to “embody that feeling of protection,” according to Dichter, through actions so a client can rest assured that everything is being done to arrive at the best possible outcome.

When asked to elaborate, Dichter commented, “I tell clients that my job is simple. What I do is I stand between them and the prosecutor, the court, the department of licensing, the jury, and I say ‘if you want my client, you have to get through me first.’ I’m a tough guy to get through. As soon as a client realizes this is actually what I believe, and not some line, then they don’t just feel protected but they realize that they are in fact being protected.”

Following this, Dichter explained that his team is thorough in representing his clients and standing up for their clients’ rights, particularly when it comes to dealing with the prosecution.

“We know the rules of the game, and we force the other side to play by them even when they don’t like it,” he added.

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