Duality Provides New Blockchain-Based Solutions For Businesses

Duality, claims it’s the next-generation blockchain technology company that delivers to business services a decentralized and distributed peer-to-peer architecture that automates business processes, adds security and lowers costs.

A Texas-based blockchain technology company, Duality Blockchain Solutions, provides exceptional data management solutions for multi-channel businesses.

Duality, operating as a blockchain development team since 2014 and as a Texas LLC since 2017, claims it’s the next-generation blockchain technology company that delivers to business services a decentralized and distributed peer-to-peer architecture that automates business processes, adds security and lowers costs.
Privacy, ownership, exchange of, and improvements in the quality of data are major issues organizations face today. These problems trigger organizations to consistently monitor how their data is stored, shared, and managed. Duality is prepared to address these problems.

Understanding the natural fit of blockchain networks and secure data management, the team at Duality provides unique solutions to these long-standing challenges by building applications on the blockchain technology of Dynamic (DYN) and their innovative new protocol, Blockchain Directory Access Protocol (BDAP).

With a focus on sectors such as healthcare, education, legal, and business services, Duality stands out from other data management systems by bringing both security and privacy to businesses. Although the underlying blockchain technology may be complex, the user experience remains familiar.

Duality’s software solutions operate with the public blockchain of Dynamic, which offers a decentralized base level infrastructure on which cloud-like services can be run, including secure storage, sharing, and processing. Users and third parties are free to build further decentralized applications using the open APIs and can also choose to run a service in their own private enclaves called sidechains, which limit access to only selected customers, partners, or staff.

Duality also affirms that its exceptional software suite is poised to solve critical data and identity management issues as described below:

Duality's flagship product, NoID, connects and validates biometric data to patient records in real-time, ensuring cost-effective and accurate means of identification. Research within healthcare organizations has proven that the typical Global Patient Identifier (GPI) is vulnerable, and if compromised could grant access to protected health information (PHI). In 2016 NoID won the Concept Blitz round, and in 2017 received a Finalist Innovator award at the CHIME National Patient ID Challenge.

pShare: Duality offers a non-cloud based solution with unbeatable security, speed, and low costs, making pShare the superior option for individuals and organizations looking for a truly private, peer-to-peer file and folder sharing application. With pShare, it’s easy to privately and securely share data with friends, family and business associates. The pShare pre-release public testnet began on the 15th of June and is slated to be released by August of 2019.

pConsult: pConsult will be developed to facilitate peer-to-peer professional services with private live video and audio, secure messaging, and document exchange between participants. To protect end user privacy, pConsult uses hashed (de-identified) demographics and biometric technology to enroll participants and authenticate user sessions. VGP, as defined below, is utilized to provide live encrypted communication channels.

pSign: pSign will be a superior digital document signing and workflow management application. It will be bundled with templates, libraries, and support full automation. Costs associated with existing workflows would be decreased exponentially or removed entirely.

Duality also deploys a unique infrastructure that allows for agile and flexible application development including:

Blockchain Directory Access Protocol (BDAP): Duality created BDAP to offer secure programmable access control at minimal resourcing and costs. BDAP adds a layer of resource hierarchy comparable to Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) with a distributed database, account linking, and resource naming using internet standards. With BDAP, it is possible to create applications across the spectrum of industry, removing the need for servers, administrators and third parties.

Duality’s upcoming Application Program Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) will give developers access to BDAP objects, Distributed Hash Table (DHT) storage, isolate applications, and increase performance by using sidechains to host decentralized applications.

The blockchain, Dynamic, has a secondary network of incentivized nodes called Dynodes. Through dedicating their computing power to BDAP and the DHT, Dynodes receive rewards in DYN, the utility token of Dynamic.

VGP: Very Good Privacy (VGP) is an end-to-end group cryptosystem library created by Duality, providing an encryption layer beyond current Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) encryption. VGP uses public key cryptography, symmetrical encryption, Diffie-Hellman key exchange and hashing for pubkey fingerprinting.

Fluid Protocol: The Fluid Protocol is a mechanism for Duality to modify operational parameters of the network without the need for users to upgrade the software or cause interruption to the network.

About Duality

The Duality platform allows registered users to manage online wallets and view market prices. Dynamic (DYN) is the native token of the Dynamic blockchain and is needed to run transactions in all of Duality's software solutions.

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