DSF - Redefine Social Network with Blockchain

DSF blockchain is a decentralized social financial network. You will know what a Bat messenger from the DSF team, best DSF Features and why you have to become a node and what it means.

What is DSF?

DSF blockchain is a decentralized social financial network. It has a social platform based on the blockchain identity. The social relationship data of all social platforms are uploaded to the chain, and decentralized financial wallets are linked through smart contracts to realize a blockchain world restructured based on real-life social relationships.

What is Bat Messenger?

In order to realize the vision, we need to combine social networks, blockchain technology, and blockchain financial services to these three important factors together. The DSF team has attracted a lot of highly skilled blockchain technicians and blockchain financial service experts with extensive experience.

The BAT Messenger team currently maintains close cooperation with social platforms such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc., so as to obtain continuous user connections and input. Dechat will share traffic, technology, community, and operational resources with BAT messenger, providing a solid foundation for Dechat to get started. That is, Dechat is a major upgrade and innovation based on BAT messenger.

The Decentralized Social Network Features

Based on Bat Messenger's relatively complete social network APP, the DSF team remake the next generation of DSF decentralized social networks based on smart contracts and digital currency community features.

In the new DSF decentralized social network, the core technologies and models of the three major blockchains have been deeply added, firstly, digital currency authentic right, which allows users to have very strong personal assets in the social network and the assets generate actual use-value through various financial services; secondly, the social relationship is on the chain.

Major DSF Features:

De-Social Transaction
Support deposits, withdrawals, collections, payments, red envelopes, etc. basic digital asset management

De-Social Commerce
E-commerce shopping and merchant distribution based on decentralized social relationships

De-Social Financing
Finance and lending based on decentralized social relationships

Various other types of financial services based on decentralized social relationships

Become a Node to Develop Social Relationships

Node is a user that formally becomes a part of the blockchain in the DSF decentralized social network and is the only independent social identity.

There are two ways to become a node: Firstly, at the beginning of the creation of the DSF blockchain, the DSF blockchain will airdrop node certification to the active users of the Bat Messenger social network app. The DSF blockchain will continue to airdrop until 100,000 Bat Messenger users have been activated as DSF genesis nodes.

Secondly, the users of DSF social network can send 100 DSF Token to apply for a node certificate and become a DSF node. 30% of the 100 DSF Tokens are reserved for the node users themselves, and the remaining 70% will be distributed to the node users in the multi-layered social relationship graph of the node users in decreasing proportion.

Read more about the DSF project: https://dsft.io

DSF whitepaper: https://dsft.io/DSFChain(EN).pdf

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