Drought Changes the Way People View Others, Reports CarpetCleaningOrangeCountyHQ.com

Individuals now shame their neighbors on social media when they feel water is being wasted, yet the right carpet cleaning method reduces water usage, announces Carpet Cleaning Orange County HQ

Although Californians hope a strong El Nino will ease drought conditions, neighbors are turning on each other when they feel they are wasting water. Many individuals have taken to posting pictures of their neighbors' lush lawns and gorgeous landscapes to shame them into using less water. As 46 percent of the state remains in an exceptional drought, the worst drought classification possible, individuals need to conserve water wherever possible, and Carpet Cleaning Orange County HQ (http://www.carpetcleaningorangecountyhq.com) may be of help.

"Spin bonnet carpet cleaning remains the preferred choice of many, as it is both environmentally friendly and incredibly efficient. Very little water is needed for this cleaning method, making it the ideal choice for residents of California. One may get their carpets cleaned and not feel guilty while doing so. The carpets won't suffer long term damage either, as they aren't saturated during the cleaning process," Malcom, spokesperson for Carpet Cleaning Orange County HQ, explains.

Residents worry about more than water conservation when having their carpets cleaned. Many individuals express concern about the chemicals used in the cleaning process, yet this concern is laid to rest when one chooses the spin bonnet cleaning method. Most products used during the process are made with natural, non-toxic ingredients, making them safe for homes with children and pets. One needn't worry about their health when having their carpets cleaned.

Carpets harbor germs, and many studies have shown carpets are actually dirtier than one's bathroom or kitchen. Families may struggle with installing carpet in the home, as they have two choices. They can either have dirty carpets, which may be harmful to the family's health, or they may use toxic chemicals to clean the carpets, also potentially harmful to one's health, Malcom points out. When the spin bonnet method is used, these concerns may be laid to rest, as one can have clean carpets without using toxic chemicals.

Consumers love options, and Carpet Cleaning Orange County HQ remains committed to providing these options. Clients choose from dry cleaning, green carpet cleaning and steam cleaning methods. All ensure one's carpets stay their best at all times, so it's more a matter of what the client is comfortable with and which process is best for the carpet to be cleaned.

"Conservation must be a way of life in California. Although a strong El Nino will be of help, residents need to save water at all times, and the spin bonnet carpet cleaning method offers an easy way to do so. Water conservation provides only one of the many benefits of this carpet cleaning method. Visit Carpet Cleaning Orange County HQ (http://www.carpetcleaningorangecountyhq.com/the-secrets-of-oc-carpet-cleaners) to learn even more," Malcom recommends.

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