Dropified Acquires AliExtractor, The #1 AliExpress Dropshipping Product Research Tool

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This Powerful New Product Research Tool Is Now Available For Free To All Dropfied Users

Dropified, the leading drop ship automation software company, recently acquired the software tool AliExtractor, and has made this powerful product research tool available for free to all of their current 44,000+ customer user base.

AliExtractor makes the process of searching AliExpress to find great new products to sell really easy. This software uncovers exactly how many products a vendor is already selling per month on AliExpress (in units and sales dollars), saving users hundreds of hours on product research and helping them make smarter decisions for their eCommerce business.

“Finding great products to sell is one of the biggest stumbling blocks that our Dropified users have said they face. That’s why we’re so excited about being able to offer them access to AliExtractor because it will make finding their next product to sell a lot easier” said Chase Bowers, Co-CEO of Dropified.

“When it comes to doing product research on AliExpress, what normally takes several hours to several days (or even longer) to complete, AliExtractor can return those same, if not much better results, in just seconds. Being able to bring this kind of power research tool to our users, and offer it to them for free as part of their Dropified membership, is important to us and helps ensure our users are as successful as possible,” said Lowell Rempel, Co-CEO of Dropified.

AliExtractor will continue to be offered to non-Dropified users, but those customers will need to pay the current monthly pricing of $29 per month in order to access it. Even at the current price, Chase Bowers said that the software quickly pays for itself after the first use.

“In fact, one eCommerce store owner saved $16,796 per year and over 13 hours per week with AliExtractor! If you paid an employee minimum wage for those same 13 hours per week to do your research for you, you’d pay over $94 per week (or over $377 per month)… and you’d still not get the quality of research as AliExtractor returns for you. At only $29 per month, you can see how quickly this powerful tool pays for itself.”

Dropified has already made access to the AliExtractor tool available to all of their current users, and it is now available as a paid option to all non-Dropified users to use as well.

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Dropified is the #1 drop shipping platform on the market and is designed for those who would like to sell products from a simple online store and have those items stored, shipped, and packaged by a manufacturer or supplier.

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