Driver Turbo Update Database As Windows 8 Release Causes Mass Driver Outdating

Automatic driver update software is now more essential than ever as drivers fall out of date with the spread of Windows 8. Driver Turbo updates their software to combat the problem.

PC’s are still by far and away the most popular home computing devices on the market, and over the years their functionality has changed to reflect the tastes of consumers, who want a low-maintenance machine with highly intuitive interfaces. Windows 8 is the latest expression of this, but the software can cause problems for a PCs components if drivers aren’t updated- a task which can be a time consuming chore and difficult for those who aren’t skilled “under the bonnet” of their operating system. Driver Turbo is a software that will automatically download and install Windows drivers for devices and components in order to keep PC’s performing optimally.

The software accesses a database of over 200,000 device drivers and automatically checks to ensure that all components requiring drivers in the PC are running on the optimal, up to date drivers available. Doing so reduces crashes, increases performance and improves a computer’s longevity significantly over the course of its lifespan.

This has become a more pressing need than ever with the release of Windows 8, which despite its extensive attempt to be backwards compatible has nevertheless caused issues as thousands of hardware developers have rushed to create drivers optimized for Windows 8. Many of these drivers however must be found by the component user, and most of those don’t know where or how to find them effectively. Driver Turbo does this for them.

A spokesperson for Driver Turbo explained, “Drivers are one of the biggest unseen contributors to PC performance, but neither has there been an easy way to keep on top of them. Our software was created to fulfill that niche, and allow PC users to remain confident that their drivers are the most current and best performing models without having trawl through every component individually and manually search for driver updates. We have taken the headache out of enhanced PC performance and have updated our database with all the latest Windows 8 compatible drivers for maximum performance.”

About Driver Turbo
Driver Turbo is one of the leading companies in providing a Windows driver update software. The company has years of experience in the driver scanning industry and through their online platform offers the software "Driver Turbo" which updates, backs up and fixes drivers. The company is known for its extensive database of nearly 200,000 device drivers and its automatic driver update feature.

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