Dr. Xinping Song: World-renowned Medical Ethics on his Medical Road with Spreading far-and-wide Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture

30 years ago, 3d prostate treatment successfully treated thousands of patients from more than 60 countries including the United States, Britain, Germany, Canada, and Australia, etc., which has made the world feel the extensive and profound traditional Chinese medicine.

He is Dr. Xinping Song from the 3D Urology and Prpstate Clinic.

After decades of concentrating on the traditional Chinese medicine, not only has he brought health to thousands of patients at home and abroad, but also he has succeeded in promoting traditional Chinese medicine culture to overseas. Dr. Xinping Song has personally proved that Chinese private doctors can create a medical miracle which can be said to be "a model of Chinese private doctors."

Always hardest in the first step Concentrate on solving patients’ trouble
"The thing I think most for these years is how to relieve the pain for the patient. Perhaps now I have made a little bit achievement, but it is still far from enough. I hope that my efforts for decades would not be in vain and I can bring health to more patients......" These kind of heartfelt words have been expressed by Dr. Xinping Song for many times, from which it is not difficult to imagine his decades of hardships.

In 1986, Xinping Song graduated from School of Medicine at the University of South China, and he became the chief doctor at the public hospital. At that time, Dr. Song saw more and more patients suffering from pain because of urinary problems, which made him benevolent as a medical practitioner. To this end, he began the in-depth study on the diagnosis and treatment of urinary diseases in 1988, and he finally invented an effective treatment method against relevant symptoms and diseases with independent intellectual property rights which is based on the principles of Chinese acupuncture combined with Western medicine theory and has been accepted and approved by the Chinese medical community after 6 years of rigorous clinical trials. So far, Dr. Xinping Song has had his medical ethics and career for more than 28 years.

In order to facilitate patients to see the doctor but not affect their work, Xinping Song has insisted on working from the early dawn to late dusk for a long time by using the rest and meal time of morning, noon, and night to help patients. He often forgot to eat, thus he made himself suffer from stomach and heart diseases. And he was even found to fall in a faint at the clinic by patients because of tiredness for several times. But the first sentence he said when he woke up was that a patient still did not receive treatment. Because of placing patient's health in the first place at all times, he was down with the cumulative illness because of its outbreak, which took about six months to slowly recover.

Brave to face the difficulties and hardships Make traditional Chinese medicine world-famous

In 1990, some prostate-related diseases have not been well overcome by the medical circle, but under enormous pressure, Xinping Song has successfully overcome these difficult problems step by step through his own painstaking researches and continuous clinical validation. Based on this, numerous patients who have gone to see him for a long time are generally abandoned by a large hospital with incurable diseases.

During that time, Xinping Song often said that if he did not help them, then they may be tortured by the disease for a long time, perhaps he would try harder to get more people back to health.

It is precisely because of this determination and perseverance that Xinping Song has never retreated from helping patients solve the problems, and thus he has succeeded in curing diseases for numerous people. To this end, many patients even knelt down to praise him to renew their lives.

As the saying goes, false friends are worse than bitter enemies. Years of hardships have not defeated Xinping Song, but he fell into an accidental "trap" in 2001.

Because of the medical skills, medical ethics, and word of mouth from patients, Xinping Song’s success has caused peer jealousies. Among them, the most serious attack towards him was the "hepatitis C incident" created out of nothing by the peer who bought over the clinic’s doctor and did malicious slander in 2001.

During that period, Xinping Song was very low-spirited and depressed, but he still was strict with self-discipline, adhered to medical ethics, and offered service for the patient, because he knew that after all, rumors are just rumors; and one day they would be always vanished.

Finally, there came a reward for good deeds. During that period of time, Xinping Song’s domestic and foreign patients submitted a jointly-signed written statement to a higher authority, and the national health department has investigated and made a fair and just judge. The past malicious slander and rumors on the Xinping Song have collapsed themselves without being attacked under the effects of time, conscience, and morality.

As the saying goes, the gold will always shine.

With superb medical skills and medical ethics, Xinping Song has proved his own value and won the respect of patients around the world through decades of concentrated efforts. Countless patients have come to him because of admiring his fame and eagered to get their good health back from this good doctor and found the true meaning of health.

John Kennedy, Ph.D., from the United States, admitted Dr. Song saved his life, and China is a very safe country with very friendly Chinese people here.

Today, Dr. Xinping Song is still in the front line to relieve pain for more patients through hard-working.

Brave to march forward in front of difficulties and hardships;
Devote everything to place patients in the first place;
Virtuous medical ethics and technique and superb skills;......

Recalling Dr. Xinping Song's career on the medical road, it can be described as excellent and great, which is a major reason for winning today's reputation of the "private doctor model". In the present medical circle, they should be proud of having such a surgeon-Dr. Xinping Song; at the same time, people should also be glad to have more such doctors appear only for guarding people’s healthy life.

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