Dr. Trip Goolsby Helps Patients Become Empowered Partners in Personalized Healthcare Approach Combining Western and Complimentary Therapies

Dr. Trip Goolsby’s patient-centric healthcare treatment applies an individualized integrative approach.

Informed and engaged patients are more likely to take ownership of their health and work in partnership with medical doctors to build a personalized and comprehensive health plan, which oftentimes includes wellness promoting treatments that compliment conventional western medicine.

Internal Medicine and Oncology practitioner, Dr. Trip Goolsby, is one who has been pioneering that approach, by developing a comprehensive treatment strategy that applies an individualized integrative approach with his patients where he combines western medicine with peer-reviewed and clinically supported complimentary therapies, and the results he believes are promising.

“Our patient-partners are having amazing successes in our program, says Dr. Goolsby. We have patient-partners who have reversed the diabetes that has plagued their health for decades, and others who have lost and maintained weight loss that they were unable to achieve through other dieting programs.”

For over 25 years Dr. Trip Goolsby has been transcending health care approaches and outcomes, first in his community medical oncology practice, and beginning in 2013, his integrative health medical practice, Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center in New Orleans and Lake Charles, Louisiana.

Dr. Trip’s patients become empowered partners in achieving their health goals. Based on the patient-partner’s current health status and their ultimate health goal, a personalized program is designed and effectuated, while also minimizing pharmaceutical administration as much as possible. Components of each patient-partner’s program include nutrition and neutraceuticals, fitness, hormonal and metabolic optimization, and Dr. Trip’s mind-body coaching expertise, coupled with effective biofeedback methodology.

“Additionally, our patient-partners successfully overcome issues such as obesity, anxiety, depression, stress, fatigue, loss of focus, loss of sexual desire and/or performance, hypertension, fibromyalgia, chronic pain, tobacco use, etc.”

According to Dr. Trip, many of his patient-partners successfully take the Infinite Health approaches they use for their health and apply them to their relationships and even their careers.

“Essentially, what we offer is empowered medicine for those patient-partners who are ready to take their health back, those are the ones who transcend not only their health, but also their life.”

For more information about Dr. Trip Goolsby and Infinite Health Integrative Medicine Center, please visit: www.YourInfiniteHealth.com or call 855.700.4066.

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