Dr. Saeed Bajwa Earns Endoscopic Surgery of the Spine Certification

For patient-centered medical professionals such as Dr. Saeed Bajwa, attaining additional qualifications is an important component of the overall approach towards refining talents and ability.

Renowned neurosurgeon practicing at the Southern New York NeuroSurgical Group, Dr. Saeed Bajwa is certified for Endoscopic Surgery of the Spine, accreditation he earned through completing the necessary continuing education program at American Spine, a Maryland-based multispecialty team of doctors. Dr. Bajwa was driven to earn this certificate and distinction due to his patient-centered approach to medicine and his compassion for people with medical issues that cause them significant pain, distress, or decreased quality of life. The primary components of the endoscopic surgery’s new techniques seek to provide minimally invasive procedures, including lumbar and thoracic spine operations for sufferers of back pain. Through this accreditation, Dr. Saeed Bajwa will be able to more effectively identify issues and deliver treatment plans or surgical options to those suffering from back pain due to injury or disorders.

American Spine has continued to offer a wealth of spine-related procedures to help people who suffer various medical conditions, including pinched nerves, spinal arthritis, herniated discs, torn discs, and spinal stenosis. The primary goal of the group – and the trainings and accreditations it provides – is to develop methods and treatment, which collectively yields compassionate care for all patients. Their approach focuses on delivering multidisciplinary therapeutic methods directly to address the pain that individuals suffer. Their techniques, from medical treatments to exercise programs to surgeries, all align to yield the intentions of relieving pain and helping people regain an improved quality of life. This type of objective attracted the attention of Dr. Saeed Bajwa and prompted him to earn his certification in Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Operations of the Lumbar and Thoracic Spine through the innovative organization.

For patient-centered medical professionals such as Dr. Saeed Bajwa, attaining additional qualifications is an important component of the overall approach towards refining talents and ability. Since his certification on August 21, 2015, Dr. Bajwa has already utilized the technique and performed numerous successful endoscopic surgeries. This immediate usage reflects his consistent capacity as a surgeon as well as his commitment to identifying and pursuing the best treatment options possible for his patients. His approach to continued learning and service reflects the passion and dedication to individuals and their well-being that has earned him repetitive distinctions throughout his esteemed medical career.

Dr. Saeed Bajwa, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a CyberKnife trained surgeon specializing in neurological surgery of the brain and spine. His focus rests on delivering a variety of procedures using some of the most advanced practices available in medicine today. His extensive training and medical background has helped him to develop an intimate knowledge of this precise and delicate area of expertise. Additional training, such as his recent certification for Endoscopic Surgery of the Spine from American Spine, has only further advanced his proficiency for improved patient care. Part of Dr. Saeed’s professional focus also includes work within the community across many different avenues. He serves on the boards of dozens of local service organizations, which focus on serving people who may require neurological treatment. He has, also, taken his service to Pakistan to provide volunteer work for a variety of educational and medical initiatives.

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