Dr. Nic Lucas Launches Influencefaculty.com to Teach Maximizing Influence for Profit

Behavior change authority Nic Lucas, PhD has launched a new website for his consulting firm, Influence Faculty, that teaches how to maximize business influence for profit.

The U.S. government shutdown, the ongoing debate over raising the debt ceiling, the fluctuating popularity of Obamacare, and the recent success of Netflix have something in common, according to behavior change authority and Influence Faculty founder Nic Lucas, PhD. Lucas states the ability to influence the behavior of others determines the outcome – success or failure. Effective influencers have a competitive edge.

Politicians must influence other politicians. President Obama must influence those who need health care to participate in the Obamacare insurance exchanges. In the case of Netflix, they’ve done an excellent job of influencing enough new subscribers to grow bigger than HBO. “Influence is the most profitable skill you will ever acquire,” says Dr. Lucas.

“At Influence Faculty, we leverage over 30 years of social science research on behavior change to help our clients succeed,” explains Dr. Lucas. “Your marketing campaign either influences sales or it doesn’t. A salesperson can’t close a sale. Only the buyer can. It’s the buyer who must say yes. Our system creates a direct and immediate influence on the sales process. It’s the way we create buyers.”

The research-based principles taught by Influence Faculty dramatically increase influence in a range of business settings, including optimizing human resources, managing internal activities, and creating strategic partnerships. The power of this type of influence was explored in the July-August 2013 issue of the Harvard Business Review which focused on Influence – how to get it and how to use it.

Influence Faculty is the culmination of Dr. Lucas’ life-long commitment to learning and applying the scientific principles of influence and positive human behavior change. The Influence Faculty offers a coaching program for small to medium-sized business owners. Their singular purpose is to help clients maximize their ability to influence others for health happiness and profit.

To learn more about how to increase online sales and unlock the full potential of a business by applying the science of influence, visit InfluenceFaculty.com and get instant access to a free training program.

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