Dr. Maz Moshiri Will Give A Booth Presentation at The AAO In Philadelphia

Dr. Maz Moshiri will be at the American Association of Orthodontists meeting, where everyone can learn more about Invisalign as a preferred treatment for open bite cases.

Dr. "Maz" Moshiri will be conducting a lecture on "Invisalign: The Preferred Treatment for Open Bite Cases". The presentation will take place on May 4th at 12:00PM in Philadelphia during the American Association of Orthodontists meeting.

Dr. Moshiri is an Orthodontist in Springfield MO. He and his family have been practicing in Missouri for a quarter of a century. He is a trailblazer in the areas of orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics. He has worked extensively with the Invisalign bracing system. Dr. Moshiri and is one of the main proponents of Invisalign in Springfield MO.

Open bites may be a contributing factor to the condition of TMJ disorder. This condition causes the lower jaw to overcompensate causing discomfort when chewing. This can also cause fatigue in the jaw area. This condition will be addressed at the lecture. Participants can also visit the Invisalign booth for information on TMJ and treatment of open bite cases.

Align Technologies is also sponsoring this event. They developed the Invisalign bracing system. One of the main benefits of the Invisalign procedure is the safe and highly effective treatment of open bite cases. The technology essentially changes the old fashioned way of using clumsy and unflattering braces for the straightening of teeth. It replaces this old technology with a revolutionary new one. This will be clearly explained and there will be an opportunity for questions at Dr. Moshiri's lecture.

Of course, while the benefit of Invisalign is in detailing of the bite and straight teeth for better hygiene, it is also very important as a cosmetic tool. The way one looks can have a tremendous effect on mental well being as well as physical well being and overall dental health. Visitors to the lecture will have this explained in a simple yet all encompassing manner by Dr. Moshiri as well as the experts at the various booths.

More about Dr. "Maz Moshiri, Orthodontist in Springfield MO and his highly successful use of Invisalign in Springfield MO can be found on their website at www.smilesaintlouis.com.

Dr. Moshiri has offices throughout Missouri. They are conveniently located in Saint Louis, Springfield and Lake St. Louis. The public and dental practitioners can register for this event at www.invisalignregistration.com

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