Dr. Linette Montae, The Profit Finder, Predicts That Big Data Will Take A Back Seat In 2016

Collecting data can reveal important information about company operations but to increase profit margins, Profitable CEO reveals a much more valuable area for companies to focus their time and money.

With new performance measurement tools continuously entering the marketplace, there are countless options available for companies to collect, manage and report customer behavior. And while Big Data is highly talked about across the service industry, numbers are not enough to drive or sustain a company revenue generation plan. According to Dr. Linette Montae, President of Profitable CEO, if customer experience initiatives don’t include a stern commitment to giving equal or higher attention to employee engagement, then a company has already lost their profit margin war.


“Big data can be helpful in understanding the relationship between customer satisfaction and profit but numbers won’t keep customers or fix a customer experience problem. The solution to increasing margins is a company’s, across the board, focus on their internal customer, which requires a strong commitment to improving company culture” stated Montae.


This is an inside problem.


“Gallup has discovered links between employee engagement at the business-unit level and vital performance indicators, including customer ratings; higher profitability, productivity and quality (fewer defects); lower turnover; less absenteeism and shrinkage (i.e., theft); and fewer safety incidents. When a company raises employee engagement levels consistently across every business unit, everything gets better.”


Profitable CEO gives small companies the power to implement and sustain an employee focused culture. The key is to custom design a workplace environment that can support long-term sustainable improvements to the customer experience, and achieve profitable results for the company by implementing a solid employee loyalty initiative.


Dr. Montae is quickly becoming the go to operations person for service-based companies.


“When I was ready to take our customer experience to the next level, Dr. Montae was the first person I called because she looks at more than customer satisfaction. Dr. Montae focused on solutions to improve customer experience, team performance, and our processes” said Michele Scism of Decisive Minds.


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