Dr. John M. Kennedy - On the Beneficial Impact of BREATHE on Setting and Achieving Business Goals

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The program combines guided imagery, controlled breathing, and positive self-talk to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system

A cornerstone of success in any field is the ability to prioritize and balance when setting targets – a task that can be quite challenging when teams are involved. Even when an individual pursues specific goals outside of an organized entity, various factors come into play to affect the outcome. In business, the pressure to achieve can be overwhelming, so a positive mindset is essential, comments Dr. John M. Kennedy, a highly regarded cardiologist and stress expert based in California. He is also the creator of BREATHE – a mindful-based stress-reduction technique that can be adapted to the needs of various groups to optimize health and wellness, making it easier to reach specific objectives.

“Over my long years of research into stress, I have established that setting and achieving goals are problematic for the majority of people and even more difficult in a corporate environment. The hardship stems from the failure of some business leaders to create an action plan that is specific, realistic, measurable, and time-bound. In most cases, these crucial details are overlooked because of the pressure to deliver results quickly and stay ahead of the competition. However, this pressure and the stress resulting from it are huge impediments on the road to success as they prevent team members from maximizing their potential and executing on the common goals. Work environments where employees are relaxed, focused, and concentrated tend to thrive, enabling enterprises to achieve their business targets and grow. As research and my professional observations indicate, BREATHE delivers excellent results in corporate settings. The routine can take as little as 15 minutes, with a positive impact that extends to areas such as leadership, communication, teamwork, and goal setting,” comments Dr. John M. Kennedy.

The program combines guided imagery, controlled breathing, and positive self-talk to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, causing heart rate and blood pressure to fall. Such a response is beneficial in all circumstances, and the technique has proved highly effective in reducing stress regardless of the environment. It is perfectly suited for use in corporate settings, where taking short work breaks and practicing relaxation exercises like the BREATHE routine may have lasting positive effects on cardiovascular health, says Dr. John M. Kennedy. Highlighting the benefits of embracing work breaks, a report published in Organizational Dynamics notes, “Perhaps the most consistent finding is that engaging in relaxing experiences is linked to increased employee well-being regardless of the length of the break (e.g., vacation, weekend, evening, lunch breaks). More specifically, we find that relaxation is associated with positive mood, a sense of vigor and attentiveness, as well as with less fatigue and negative emotions.” The authors conclude, “Organizations that understand their role in facilitating employee recovery and that encourage their employees to leverage work breaks for the purpose of recharging and unwinding will benefit from a workforce that is healthy, energized, and ready to work.”

Dr. John M. Kennedy is a well-known cardiologist, stress expert, and author who currently serves as medical director of preventive cardiology and wellness at Marina Del Rey Hospital in California. In addition to having 25 years of clinical experience in his field, he has done extensive research into the impact of stress on cardiovascular health, sharing his key findings in two books: The Heart Health Bible and The 15 Minute Heart Cure. The latter explores the effects of stress on the cardiovascular system and introduces his natural stress reduction technique, BREATHE. Dr. John M. Kennedy is professionally affiliated with Kindred Health Care South Bay (Gardena, CA), Providence Little Company of Mary (Torrance, CA), and Memorial Hospital of Gardena (Gardena, CA).

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