Dr. John Kennedy, MD - Outlines the Cardiovascular Benefits of Natural Stress Reduction

Heart disease remains the number one killer globally, taking the life of 17.9 million people every year and accounting for 31% of all deaths.

As a highly experienced cardiologist and stress expert, John Kennedy, MD, knows all too well the heavy toll negative emotions and anxiety take on cardiovascular health. “We live in hectic times, constantly running around and trying to juggle work obligations and family responsibilities. For all the benefits it brings, modern technology has made it too easy to neglect physical activity and face-to-face communication, aggravating the feelings of isolation and contributing to an increase in stress levels. At the same time, advances in medicine have greatly extended human life expectancy but also made people quick to reach for a pill instead of considering alternative solutions when possible. Unfortunately, many would rather opt for some prescription drug to help them deal with stress even though they can get relief via natural means, sparing their cardiovascular system the unnecessary burden of chemicals and avoiding potential addiction,” comments John Kennedy, MD.

Heart disease remains the number one killer globally, taking the life of 17.9 million people every year and accounting for 31% of all deaths. In the majority of cases, risk factors are exacerbated by stress, but very few patients express a desire to deal with it naturally, opting instead for more medication in the hope that it solves their medical problems. As John Kennedy, MD notes, 45.8% of the US population used at least one prescription drug within 30 days in the 2013-2016 period, with about $335 billion spent on such drugs in the United States in 2018. Even in cases where a medical condition cannot be treated without pharmaceuticals, certain contributing factors can be addressed in a natural way. Despite its major impact on cardiovascular health, stress is one of those factors, and there are immense benefits to dealing with it naturally.

Drawing on his vast experience in the field of heart disease, John Kennedy, MD has developed the BREATHE stress reduction technique, which has proved immensely effective and achieves results without any medication, equipment, and time-consuming commitments. Practical, simple, and accessible, the seven-step sequence harnesses the power of guided imagery, controlled breathing, and positive self-talk to dispel stress naturally and improve not only heart health but overall well-being. It provides a much-needed alternative in a modern reality where people have to deal not only with various stressors but also the impact of environmental and social factors such as pollution, extreme weather, consumer chemicals, excessive urbanization, and income inequality.

John Kennedy, MD is a prominent clinical practitioner with over two decades of experience in preventative and interventional cardiology. In addition to serving as medical director of preventive cardiology and wellness at Marina Del Rey Hospital in California, he is affiliated with Kindred Health Care South Bay (Gardena, CA), Providence Little Company of Mary (Torrance, CA), and Memorial Hospital of Gardena (Gardena, CA). John Kennedy, MD has done extensive research on the impact of stress on cardiovascular health, using his observations and insights as the basis of two popular books: The Heart Health Bible, where he details his five-step plan for preventing and reversing heart disease, and The 15 Minute Heart Cure, which deals with the effect of stress on the cardiovascular system and introduces his stress-reduction technique BREATHE.

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