“Dr. Deer” Joins Wildtree, Inc., Solves Decades-Old Whitetail Dilemma

New Wildlife Vegetation Company Brings Land Managers Success with Whitetail Herds

For decades, landowners and managers have struggled to find quality wildlife plant materials, services, and support to help them establish thriving wildlife habitats on their land.

After recognizing hunters and nature lovers were tired of wasting money on ineffective attempts to improve their land, the team at Wildtree gathered together some of the top minds in Agricultural Engineering & Wildlife Management. They began to research and develop vegetation they could prove would attract and sustain local fauna such as whitetail deer.

Their years of research and development resulted in trees and plants that were specifically engineered to attract and retain wildlife and transform land into the habitat landowners and managers need it to be to have healthier herds and more outdoor recreation opportunities. Their custom trees and plants became available to the public in June of 2020.

One of the members of the team, Dr. James Kroll, AKA “Dr. Deer,” has been a prominent trusted advisor and resource for hunters and wildlife enthusiasts for decades. He is proud to be part of the team, and adds,

“The folks at Wildtree collectively have decades of experience in producing quality plant materials! It is my honor to be a member of their team! Those of you who know me already understand I seldom lend my name to any product, and, when I do, it is after considerable testing and experience!”

Further touting the appreciation of the thorough research and development Wildtree did, he added,

“Frankly, I have been disappointed in the lack of research and development by many companies that offer wildlife landscaping for food plots! For many, “research” means scouring the earth for new plants you never heard of, and there is no research or testing as to the effectiveness. Serving the landowner and manager is not just marketing; it is about delivering on a promise, and providing support to assure success.”

With Wildtree’s engineered trees and plants, landowners and managers finally have vegetation that will grow in non-native settings and transform any terrain into an appealing and hospitable environment.

For more information on Wildtree’s wildlife-preferred vegetation, please visit www.wildtree.co.

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