Dov Baron, Men’s Essentials Magazine Honored in National Award: Best Cover Story

Leadership development expert Dov Baron’s interview is featured as the cover story for the Winter 2013 issue of Men’s Essentials Magazine.

Leadership expert Dov Baron provides a rare analysis and discussion of the psychology of risk-taking while looking at the Walker case and other high-profile accidental deaths. Baron was approached because he is uniquely qualified, as a trained psychologist and former extreme sport enthusiast, to explain the psychology of risk-taking.

Damian Loth, publisher of Men's Essentials Magazine said the issue, with a striking image of Paul Walker on the cover was extremely successful on iTunes Newsstand from the moment it was released in December 2013, only weeks after Walker's death. See:

“We had already planned the feature examining risk with Dov Baron, and Paul's tragic death from a high-speed car accident was so on-topic and relevant, we felt we had to include it.” said Loth.

“Dov Baron is a master in the areas of leadership, high performance and risk-taking so I knew he would handle the sensitive subject of Paul's very recent death masterfully, which he did.”

” The reader response has been overwhelmingly positive, and from the comments I've received, I believe the piece actually helped some fans to cope better.” he added.
Dov Baron is a best-selling author and leadership expert who coaches entrepreneurs and mentors senior executives around the world. Baron's unique approach to leadership development is regarded as the most comprehensive and challenging executive training in the world.

Baron's comments on leadership issues have been quoted on (Boston Globe), International Finance Magazine, International Business Times, Investing Daily and numerous major daily newspaper websites, including the Chicago Daily Herald, Fort Worth Star Telegram, Miami Herald, San Jose Mercury News and more. See: Dov Baron on CNN.

Men's Essentials Magazine is an iTunes Newsstand best-seller and has ranked alongside international magazines such as GQ, Men's Health and Esquire since its inception in Summer 2013. is the fastest, easiest way to search for and purchase iTunes Newsstand magazines. Their editors review magazines in all major categories and announce award winners on a quarterly and annual basis. Men's Essentials Magazine was awarded Best Cover Story, Winter 2013.

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