Dorothy M. Hartman vs Patent and Trademark Office Officially Docketed in US Supreme Court

Billions of websites and the Internet, her ideas alleges this Black inventor whose case will be reviewed by the Supreme Court.

Hartman says that she is happy that after 23 years of being ignored and not recognized or compensated for her invention that the U.S. Constitution is still the prevailing law in the United States . She is both humble and elated that the nation’s highest Court will be reviewing what she says are illegal acts by the Patent and Trademark Office. She is hopeful that Justice might finally prevail after she in 1990 trusted the nation with her intellectual property only to be let down as others have received the benefits of her contributions .

She has been involved with the modern day Internet since its inception as it was the result of her Business Method, Accessing Accessibility, being reduced to practice. This formed what was initially referred to as the Information Superhighway which morphed into what is commonly known by only one name, the Internet. Yet she remains unknown in the field of telecommunications.

Although her websites have been online since 2007- one would be hard pressed to find them in search results. She complains that some who have become hugely successful because of the billions of people now online have interfered with the online presence of her websites. She complaints that even as the Court has placed her case on the docket of cases to be reviewed – there are some web hosts, search engines, and others that continue to interefere with the presence of her websites online. "So much for gratitude. Time for the law to step in", says Hartman. This woman's struggle for recognition in a field that has exploded and succeeded because of her creative vision has lasted for 23 years! Hartman says that ironically this has been due to the tremendous success of the Internet. Those already in the telecommunications field profited immediately and immensely from the changes. The fields of IT, Ecommerce, and other fields have been offshoots of the growth and evolution of the Internet made possible by the application of her Accessing Accessibility Business Method.

The website Inventor Blogs on Internet Development is being forwarded to the Blog Telecom Straight Talk recently, as various errors appearing on both blogs have caused them to be consistently “down” or 'offline' as of late. She says some of those who are now able to enjoy successful corporations and jobs and positions of which they could only dream before 1990 now discriminate against her, the originator and inventor of the process that helped make the success possible. These are matters that beg federal questions and intervention by the High Court as constitutionality
is involved.

She has asked the High Court to review her case with the Patent and Trademark Office which she alleges is in violation of her Constitutional Rights so as to receive the recognition and compensation that she deserves as a legal decision about this is long overdue . She is hopeful that whatever measure of justice that is meted out by the Court will put an end to the abuse and disrespect that she has had to suffer while others have benefited from her intellectual property.

The Inventor been very disappointed in how her websites have fared. Institutionalized racism makes it highly unlikely that she would ever be treated fairly except by the intervention of the Court . She alleges that it was her contributions that produced a telecommunications network that changed the Internet from the structure shown above which was based on the Arpanet and had a limited user base to the Internet of today capable of accomodating billons of people online. Her cry is "Enough disrespect and abuse, Justice now! When will the world stop basing achievement on Race?"

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