Doocbig to Launch New Document Sharing Service

A new document sharing website,, is being launched to cater for those involved in business and investment.

A new website,, is set to be launched to provide document sharing services for those involved in business and investment. The site aims to become one of the most trusted document sharing resources relating to business and investment.

The new site is being funded by a private investor from Singapore and will be packed with information about and for start up businesses. Content on the site will include research paper projects, business templates, and a variety of additional resources that will prove invaluable to the sector.

Website visitors will be able to get information to help them with regards to starting up a business as well as help with essentials such as business agreement letter templates. A range of other document templates can be accessed via the site, including a wide selection of resumes and cover letters, sample scholarship thank you letters, and a range of research resources.

An official from said: "These days, business investment plays a huge role in the world's economy. However, not everyone who is working in the business world understands the importance of the right documents and templates for start up businesses. Many people are interested in forming their own businesses but fail to notice the importance of these things. Doocbig has been designed to fill this gap and provide a wide range of valuable information relating to how to create a start up business or even make a simple business agreement letter."

Website visitors will be able to access the wide variety of resources from by simply visiting the website, where featured documents and sample letters can be viewed with ease. Informational research papers can also be accessed with ease via the document sharing site. For those who want to do a quick search, and 'topics' link will provide a listing of available templates and documents, which can then be downloaded.

Doocbig is a document sharing site that will provide easy access to a wide range of documents, letters, papers and resources for businesses and other sectors.

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