Dominator Marketing Offers Online Marketing Classes, Teaching The Future Of SEO

Search Engine Specialist from Dominator Marketing, John Limbocker, has announced that a new ranking factor.

Dominator Marketing Offers Conversational Anchor Text Classes, Teaching The Future Of SEO.

Search Engine Specialist from Dominator Marketing, John Limbocker, has announced that a new ranking factor, called “Conversational Anchor Text,” has been discovered and has been proven to take webpages to the top of Google search results, without the traditional risks associated with search engine optimization (SEO). He stated that this new ranking factor is pegged to shape the future of companies' abilities to rank well in Google search engines.

According to John, there are lots of factors that can influence whether a page will be featured at the top of the search results for any given keyword or phrase. Some have a positive influence while others might impact negatively on a web page's SEO efforts. Traditionally, businesses have exploited the effective SEO practices, while trying to minimize the use of potentially negative practices.

John also explains that SEO is a cat and mouse game, where SEO specialists try to out-smart search engines which, in turn, make constant algorithm changes to their ranking factors. As the Search Engine specialists and algorithm updates have become more advanced, the practice of SEO has become more difficult.

Keywords and anchor text have long been regarded as one of the most influential SEO practices. When a website has a lot of good quality inbound links, it is considered more valuable by Google, so many web masters adopted the practice. But, as is the nature of the ever-changing search engine algorithm, Google hit back with its Penguin update which was geared towards penalizing sites that had over-optimized links.

Google's most recent update, Hummingbird, however is what resulted in the discovery of Limbocker's Conversational Anchor text. Hummingbird has focused on the intent of a search phrase, rather than the exact keywords used.

Through intensive research Dominator Marketing has devised a system for identifying the most important ranking factors for Google. Limbocker says, “I have been safely ranking companies at the top of the major Search Engines since the mid 90′s, before there was even a name for it (SEO). Simply put, the algorithm is just a scoring system and at the end of the day whoever has the most points wins. SEO is an industry that has been built around stacking those points in the favor of their clients. The danger lies in stacking the deck in an un-natural fashion and being detected by the algorithm. This can lead to a sudden loss of ranking or in some cases can actually lead to having your entire website banned all together which can be catastrophic to most businesses. I had studied the algorithms for years, deciphering the factors that make sites go up and down and there has been little change until recently.”

Those interested in finding out more about the Conversational Anchor Text are invited to attend one of John Limbocker's training events.

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