Domain Hunter Gatherer Creates Box Set Combining Three Best Selling Programs

Domain Hunter Gatherer has combined Domain Auction Hunter, Expired Web 2.0 Finder and Expired Domain Miner into the most powerful suite of domain tools available, for an unbeatable price.

The right domain name is critical to the success of any website. Some domain names can attract traffic for years after they have ceased to be used, because their content had once inspired high search engine rankings which have not yet fallen. However, buying these high ranking domains at auction can be punishingly expensive. Fortunately for the entrepreneurs out there, Domain Hunter Gatherer enables webmasters to find aged and expired domain names and snap them up for no more than the registration cost of a new domain.

The triple-pronged software can ensure no high costs and no annoying bidding processes. This is because DHG can find domains using a variety of methods that until now was not possible.

The three prongs are Auction Hunter, Web 2.0 Finder and Domain Miner, which cover three distinctly different fields to offer full spectrum coverage. It takes just seconds to set up the expired domain finder software, which can discover thousands of domains, and save webmasters thousands of dollars.

What’s more, the software can use four distinct strategies to search expired domains, offering keyword searching, reverse crawling, crawling individual websites, and crawling custom webpage lists. Individuals can try out one facet of the software for free, two facets for $17 a month, or all three for $87 a month – a value more than offset by the savings to be made.

A spokesperson for Domain Hunter Gatherer explained, “We are thrilled to launch our new, ultimate software package, which will enable individuals to find the highest quality domains and get them at the best prices available anywhere online. This will mean real savings and real results, as the authority of the domains can be set as a preference in ranking the search results. Users can see the best of what’s available in their search area or niche. This is an exciting development and one we are very proud of. We look forward to helping more users than ever take advantage of this great deal.”

About Domain Hunter Gatherer: Domain Hunter Gatherer enables people to find unlimited powerful and brandable domains from all of the major domain auction websites, expired web.20 domains and expired authority domains in order to compare to find the best domains for businesses, at the prices users are willing to pay.

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