DOMA Technologies Introduces Highly Efficient Business Data Management Tools

Wasting time is a surefire way to limit business growth. See how DOMA Technologies is helping businesses streamline their data and document management tasks at

Statistics show that data loss and downtime costs enterprises 1.7 trillion dollars each year. While some of this cost is associated with theft, much of it relates to wasted time and the loss of productivity and efficiency that results from not having ready access to important business data when it is needed.

It is with these costs in mind that DOMA Technologies is introducing its business solutions for more efficient data management. DOMA does more than just help business owners gain easier access to their data and content. Their team has created one of the best solutions on the market for streamlining and automating tedious and inefficient business processes.

Pat Feliciano, a spokesperson for DOMA Technologies, stated “When companies lose their documents or data or don’t have easy access to them, it causes a domino effect of problems. Not only does it result in wasted time and a loss of productivity, but it can lead to issues with security and compliance, cause a company to fail an audit, and interfere with customer service. Simply put, we help business owners and their employees solve these problems. From creating a Document Management System to business process outsourcing, we aim to offer businesses a complete data workflow and management solution.”

Feliciano goes on to say, “We urge businesses to Convert paper documents to digital files because we know the benefits that everyone in the company can reap from doing so. Once an office goes paperless, they’ll be able to automate workflow processes, better manage project logistics, meet regulatory compliance requirements, and even provide better and faster service to their customers. If the process is information-intensive, our services can help improve it.”

“We live in the age of information and big data. Still, information and data management has become fragmented, complex, and difficult to manage efficiently. This wastes time and costs businesses an inordinate amount of money. However, our solutions can change that. Operational security and efficiency is the goal, and DOMA Technologies help business owners achieve it.”

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For more than 15 years and well over 450 million transactions, DOMA Technologies has helped thousands of business owners manage their content online. Their mission is to deliver simple-to-use cloud-based data and document management solutions and services that bring more value to their customers than they receive in payment. Trusted and vetted by the government, healthcare organizations, and enterprises worldwide, DOMA’s vision is to be the first choice in cloud-based data and document management solutions while building the nation's largest recognized digital business process outsourcing (BPO) network.

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